And Now The One Second Tapout, The Fastest Loss In MMA History

By | 13 Comments

Want to see somebody who is great at MMA? Here's a guy tapping out to nothing one second into a fight.


Yahoo! Makes The Balkinization Of The Internet Even Worse

By | 10 Comments

Yahoo! is about to start annoying you to join Yahoo!, whether you want to or not.


Wonder Woman Loses Out Again As ‘Amazon’ Dries Up

By | 11 Comments

Wonder Woman just can't get a break in Hollywood.

oh come on!

Zoe Saldana Will Give Birth To ‘Rosemary’s Baby’… In A Miniseries

By | 4 Comments

'Rosemary's Baby' is about to be remade, but at least it's got Zoe Saldana in it.

google plus your world

Google+Your World Brings On World Of Butthurt


<a href=""></a>Recently, Google debuted a new service that lets you search "global" results, or search within Google Plus and Picasa -- aka the toggle that nobody is actually going to use -- because everybody wants global results and nobody posts to Google Plus anyway.

iphone 5

ANOTHER Apple Employee Lost ANOTHER iPhone Prototype In A Bar


Remember the absolute uproar last summer when <a href="">Gizmodo got its hands on an iPhone 4 prototype</a> that a drunk Apple employee left in a bar.

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