Watch This Cute 84-Year-Old Man Perform A Hilarious Song About Sex-Gone-Wrong


'America's Got Talent' contestant Ray Jessel performs "What She's Got," a hilarious original song about a sexual snafu.


Elderly Couple Flip Their Car In The Middle Of Street, Immediately Pose For World’s Most Adorable Photos

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An elderly couple rolled their car in the middle of a California street, then posed for the cutest pictures ever.


A 99-Year Old Woman Finally Received Her College Diploma After Someone Paid Her $5 Fee From 1939


Beal College threw a graduation ceremony for 99-year old Jessie White, who finally received her diploma 75 years after she should have.


Michael Douglas Shoots A Dog In The Ass With A Paintball In ‘And So It Goes’

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In the trailer for 'And So it Goes,' Michael Douglas is a cranky old guy who learns from his granddaughter or something.


Watch Amy Schumer’s Outstanding Interview With A 106-Year-Old Woman On ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

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On last night's 'Inside Amy Schumer', for her "Amy Goes Deep" segment, Schumer had a hilarious interview a spunky 106-year-old woman.

#Viral Videos

It’s An Absolute Miracle That This Old Man Wasn’t Hit By A Train

By | 7 Comments

This video of a 77-year old Czech man narrowly (and cluelessly) escaping the path of a train is downright amazing.


Watch This 79-Year Old Ballroom Dancer Kill It On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

By | 2 Comments

Simon Cowell was served a heaping slice of humble pie by 79-year old Paddy and her dance partner Nico on 'Britain's Got Talent.'

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Watch This Adorable 78-Year-Old Grandmother Take Her First Roller Coaster Ride


As part of a marketing campaign for Vodaphone, this 78-year-old woman took her first roller coaster ride. Just let the joy wash over you.


‘South Park’s’ Terrifying Prophecy Of Old People Driving Just Came True

By | 15 Comments

An 84-year-old Florida woman single-handedly took out a CVS, and it looks like South Park was right: We're all doomed.

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Ace Frehley Kind Of Opened Up About KISS Not Playing The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

By | 3 Comments

While sort of addressing KISS not playing the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Ace Frehley took a shot a the band's current lineup.


Meet The 80-Year Old Grandmother Who Is Inspiring Thousands Of People On Instagram


Betty Simpson has amassed more than 138,000 followers on Instagram, including Pharrell Williams, thanks to her positive outlook while battling cancer.


McDonald’s Actually Kicked Out This Elderly Couple For Sitting Too Long

By | 31 Comments

An elderly Virginia couple were kicked out of their favorite McDonald's restaurant for taking too long to eat their meals.


Pat Robertson Blames Pornography For Opening Our Doors To Demons

By | 35 Comments

When asked if watching a horror movie caused a woman to get in a car accident, Pat Robertson claimed that demon possessions are caused by watching porn.


An Elderly Woman Has Waved At School Kids Every Day For Six Years, So They Gave Her A Wonderful Surprise

By | 18 Comments

Students at the Highland Secondary School in British Columbia made an 84-year old woman's Valentine's Day by celebrating her daily kindness with her.


A 101-Year Old Man Is Running For Office In Florida For The Best Reason Ever

By | 11 Comments

101-year old Joe Newman is running for Congress in Florida because he is worried about the future of the country.


A Website Is Buying Its Customers New Computers Rather Than Put Up With Internet Explorer 7

By | 3 Comments

Internet Explorer 7 has become so expensive to support, one website is willing to give away hardware just to get rid of it.


An Elderly Australian Couple Ran A Marathon. Every Day. For An Entire Year.

By | 4 Comments

An Australian couple in their 60s spent 2013 running a marathon. A marathon every single day for the entire year. THEY ARE IN THEIR SIXTIES YOU GUYS.

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