A 92-Year-Old Man Crashed Into 9 Cars While Trying To Exit A Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot

A 92 year-old man turned a Piggly Wiggly parking lot into a demolition derby Friday when he crashed into nine vehicles while trying to leave the store. A surveillance video released by police today, shows the elderly driver struggling to back out of his parking spot before ramming into a handful of cars, reversing into a couple more and side-swiping an additional three vehicles.

The driver of a truck that was involved in the ensuing mayhem and his girlfriend jumped out of their cars after being hit and attempted to help the driver regain control of his vehicle. According to the pair and officers on the scene, the man admitted to panicking after getting his foot stuck on the gas pedal. Police have said they won’t be charging the old man though the Department of Motor Vehicles will be contacting him to “review” his license status which was reported to expire this year.

I hate to bash on any old person, because, you know, they’re old but when you manage to turn a crowded parking lot full of stationary vehicles into your own version of bumper cars, you probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

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