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Peyton Manning And Colts Agree To See Other People


According to everybody, on Wednesday the Colts will release renowned sheriff and sometimes battleship Peyton Manning into the wild, where the quarterback will be frightened by the fresh air and lack of game tape.

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Fat Hump Hysteria Spurs Important Stadium Photo


It's been a while since we checked in with KSK best palsies at Stampede Blue, but when there's a nuggetbomb this monumental, you cast petty rivalries aside and get straight to the reportage.

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What Other Ailments Is Peyton Hiding?


Sports Illustrated's Don Banks (DONNIE BRASCO.

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Make Us The HeadSkins, COOCH


It's only took a decade or so, but repeated disappointment finally tempered the mania and inflated expectations of many D.

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This Next Song Goes Out To Andrew Luck…


As you've seen or heard by now, the Indy Star had a lengthy interview with Peyrton Manning earlier this week in which Ol' Battleship wasn't exactly optimistic about his future with the Colts.

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Who Will Berate Chad Pennington Worse: Tony Sparano or Serena Williams?


FIX YO KKAKE! Oh, Colts and Dolphins, you're just one of those contests that was so much more interesting before everyone figured out how to stop Miami's gimmicky bullstein.

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Resurgent Colts. Unsurgent Chargers. It’s Another Game That Looked Great Before the Season Started!


Two teams hanging on the fringes of playoff possibility (and the Chargers only because they play in the AFC West) meet for the first time since the Volektricity memorably backed up Marmalard's vicious taunts of Indy fans in what was the final game ever in the RCA Dome.

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