Andrew Bynum To Undergo Surgery, Ending Season With Sixers

By | 17 Comments

Philadelphia fans hoping to continue watching their same crummy team gasp for breath as the NBA's regular season finish line approaches are in luck.


James Harden Was Extremely Rude To Jrue Holiday

By | 10 Comments

The adventures of James Harden continued over the weekend in Philadelphia.


Andrew Bynum Implies Kobe Stunted His Growth, Kobe Notices His Perm

By | 6 Comments

Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum saw the best of times and worst of times with the Los Angeles Lakers.


Size Always Mattered: A Definitive Gallery Of The NBA’s Tallest Humanitarian Manute Bol

By | 7 Comments

Last week, when we discovered Old Spice’s amazing video game, <a href="">Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 ½ Weeks to Save the World</a>, and once I was done playing it for 72 hours (catch the damn ballots, you morons.


The Internet's Love Affair With Andrew Bynum, Human Cartoon Character

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NBA legend and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal, in his neverending quest to completely besmirch Dwight Howard, once said that Andrew Bynum was the best big man in the league.


With Leather’s Watch This: Not The Election


I don’t mean to imply that we couldn’t watch any sports last night.


NBA Camera Men Are A Danger To Us All

By | 6 Comments

I try to keep my Orlando Magic homerisms to a minimum around these parts because people complain about it, but one of the greatest moments of my life as a sports fan came this summer when the Magic got the Philadelphia 76ers to take Jason Richardson.


Dwight Howard Is Finally A Los Angeles Laker

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<a href="">Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski</a> Tweeted yesterday that a four-way blockbuster trade that would send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers was imminent, and <a href="">it appears that it’s done</a>.


Four-Team Deal Lands Dwight Howard In L.A., Iguodala In Denver While Bynum Will Troll Philly

By | 85 Comments

We hate to interrupt your regularly scheduled Nightcap but there's big news coming out of the NBA.


It Looks Like The Knicks Have A Big Point Guard Problem On Their Hands

By | 44 Comments

Raise your hand if you have any clue what the hell is going on with the New York Knicks.


20 Historical NBA Teams That Deserve Books Written About Them

By | 15 Comments

This Tuesday, the Jack McCallum's Dream Team book is hitting shelves, which will probably make it the most compelling book about a sports team since The Jordan Rules.


The Kids At The Spencer Hawes Basketball Camp Are Getting Ripped Off

By | 28 Comments

Ugh, I’m so sorry, you guys, but I’m really pissed off so we’re going to talk about politics for just a second.


Allen Iverson To Reportedly Attend 76ers Vs. Celtics Game 6 In Philadelphia

By | 10 Comments

Having Will and Jada attend Game 5 didn't go well for the Sixers as Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass spawned into Cousy and Russell.


Of All People, Andre Iguodala Stuck A Dagger In The Chicago Bulls

By | 2 Comments

It’s really strange looking at last night’s NBA Playoffs scores and seeing that the Chicago Bulls have been eliminated.


Hook Shot, No-Look, Back To The Basket, Off The Glass, Nothing But Net

By | 2 Comments

Sometimes sports news has nothing to do with Playboy parties and gossipy rumors or Tebowing or who's psychic told them to divorce who -- sometimes sports news is "this guy is awesome at sports".


Kobe Bryant Passes Shaquille O’Neal To Become Fifth All-Time Leading Scorer

By | 25 Comments

<a href="" target="_blank">Kobe Bryant's</a> rocky relationship with the City of Brotherly Love took another interesting turn last night.

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