Too Stoned To Use A Phone To Order Pizza? Then ‘Push For Pizza’ Is The App For You.

By | 7 Comments

If you're antisocial or just way too stoned, 'Push for Pizza' is the one-button app that gets you a pie from your favorite pizza place.


And Now, The Best Of The WWE Totino’s BOLD ‘Show Us Your Superstar’ Contest

By | 22 Comments

WWE is teaming up with a frozen pizza company to find the next WWE Superstar. Spoiler alert: it's none of these people.


God Bless America, The Pizza Bed Exists

By | 4 Comments

You can dream about pizza while sleeping on pizza. Mmm.


DiGiorno Pizza Live-Tweeted WWE Raw And It Was Amazing (And Pizza-Themed)

By | 29 Comments

A frozen pizza company decided to live tweet WWE Monday Night Raw, and it was perfect. They should've sent a poet. A pizza-themed poet.

planet fitness

Welcome To Planet Fitness! Here Is Your Complimentary Pizza Slice.

By | 15 Comments

At Planet Fitness, we want you to make yourself comfy. Bring some pizza! We don't care.

russell brand

Russell Brand Destroys A Trashy Newspaper Over Their Manufactured Halal Chicken Controversy

By | 9 Comments

Russell Brand takes The Sun to task after they created a controversy over chicken pizza.


Ellen Surprised The Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy With His Favorite Actress, Julia Roberts

By | 14 Comments

The pizza guy who supplied a snack for all the A-listers at the Oscars stopped by Ellen's show to meet his favorite actress.


Canada’s Boston Pizza Has Brought Us The Pizza Taco And Maybe A Pizza Cake

By | 15 Comments

Boston Pizza's new 'Pizza Game Changer' ad campaign has created the 'pizza cake,' which may change the food game forever.


Domino’s Finally Gives The World What It Desperately Needed: Pizza On Top Of Fried Chicken

By | 8 Comments

Domino's Pizza has unveiled their newest nationwide sensation: Pizza With Chicken For A Crust.


A Pizza Place In Dallas Has A Lot Of People Freaking Out About Ranch Dressing

By | 29 Comments

The Dallas pizzeria Cane Rosso has become the center of debate about whether or not we should dip pizza in ranch dressing.

viral video

Watch The Clumsiest Kids On Earth React When They Hear The Ice Cream Man's Song

By | 14 Comments

I don't know why this mom was recording her kids as they calmly ate pizza, but I'm glad she did.


Meet The Oregon Couple Who Tried To Burn Down A Pizza Restaurant With Moonshine

By | 2 Comments

Haven't we all been in this sort of situation at least once in our lives?


Meet The Adorable Russian Pizza Guy Who Delivered Ellen's Oscars Pizza

By | 8 Comments

Edgar from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Hollywood finally got his $600 tip on Monday's 'Ellen' show.

Nobody Enjoyed Last Night's Oscars Pizza More Than Brad Pitt

By | 10 Comments

Nobody was happier to see that pizza than Brad Pitt -- who was absolutely just having a passionate, torrid love affair with his slice.


Important Science Explains Why You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

By | 11 Comments

NPR compared 74,476 pizza prices to answer the question: what do you pay per square inch of pizza for different pizza sizes?

viral video

Watch This Delivery Guy Throw A Pizza Up To A Third-Story Window With Stunning Accuracy

By | 5 Comments

Why take the stairs when you've got this kind of pizza-chucking accuracy?


Important Government Research Project Develops Pizza That Stays Fresh For Three Years

By | 6 Comments

Military researchers have finally come up with the most-requested item for MREs: pepperoni pizza that won't go soggy.

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