Products At Target Get New, Awesome Names (And Links)

Today's links, featuring Pleated-Jeans putting up signs at Target to give better names to products. And then, suddenly, salad.


The Cats Of Memes Greatly Improve Famous Movie Scenes

Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans said, "If I have one critique about such movies as Taxi Driver, Wizard of Oz, Anchorman and Harry Potter, it’s that there just aren’t enough cats in them.

#game of thrones

A Lannister Always Spays His Pets


Our friend Jeff at Pleated-Jeans is constantly keeping himself busy with fresh and clever takes on pop culture.

#arrested development

Arrested Development Tarot Cards, For Getting Fortunes In The Banana Stand

Jeff Wysaski over at Pleated-Jeans came up with a partial tarot card deck based on Arrested Development.

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