‘The Daily Show’ Enlisted A Former F.B.I. Hostage Negotiator To Help Free The Government From The GOP

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Jason Jones calls in a hostage negotiator to help deal with a Republican strategist in an attempt to end the government shutdown.

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Now Using The Government Shutdown To Insult People To Their Faces

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Jimmy Kimmel once again used the government shutdown to make fun of people, though he's barely hiding it anymore.


President Obama Takes His Shutdown Government To The Apple Store


With nowhere else to turn, Barack Obama tries to get some advice at the Genius Bar.


Chinese Authorities Are Battling Those Giant Venomous Hornets With Spray-Can Flamethrowers

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Chinese authorities are fighting off a wave of giant venomous hornets by torching their nests with flamethrowers in the middle of the night.


Jimmy Kimmel Continues To Confuse The Hell Out Of People About The Government Shutdown

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Jimmy Kimmel sent a correspondent onto the street armed with another confusing political question.


Watch A Tea Party Congressman Get All Up In A Park Ranger's Face Over A Closed National Park

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Tea Party congressman Randy Neugebauer - who voted to shut down the government - got verbally abusive with a park ranger for a park being shut down.

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Washington DC Businesses Are Offering Federal Employees Free Stuff During The Shutdown

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Federal employees out of work during this government shutdown are being treated to a variety of free things from grateful Washington DC businesses.

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John Boehner – Wrecking Ball


Someone added John Boehner's face to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video.

Mark Meadows

The Government Shutdown Was Caused By A Sunday School Teacher

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Rep. Mark Meadows, a former Sunday school teacher from North Carolina, is the guy behind the government shutdown. Here's what you should know about him.


CNN canceled their Hillary Clinton documentary because our political system is broken, basically

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Late last year, director Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) was hired to direct a documentary about Hillary Clinton for CNN.


Carl Sciortino Jr.’s New Political Ad Is A Nice Change Of Pace

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In his new political ad, Massachusetts' liberal Carl Sciortino Jr. has a playful exchange with his dad, who is a member of the Tea Party.


Chuck Norris knows what’s really going on in Syria because of karate

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At this point, we're well acquainted with Chuck Norris being a right-wing nutjob.


Ronald Reagan’s Son Thinks That Lee Daniels’ The Butler Is Full Of Bull Poop

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Lee Daniels’ The Butler is a pretty huge hit, both with critics and moviegoers, as it’s tracking at 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and has grossed $53 million in its first two weeks.

Nina Siakhali Moradi

Was This Female Iranian Politician’s Election Overturned Because She’s Too Pretty?


After an Iranian woman was elected to her city's council, she was inexplicably denied the job and some people believe it's because she's too pretty.


Politicians In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Are As Obnoxious As Ours

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The newest 'Grand Theft Auto V' videos are funny political ads for the two gubernatorial candidates in San Andreas.


Barack Obama Sings “Made In The USA”


<a href="">Barack Obama</a> “sings” Demi Lovato’s “Made In The USA” thanks to some clever editing.


Songify The News: Attack of the Drones


Joe Biden educates the public on shotgun use while politicians and pundits broadcast warnings of flying robots and spies.

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Junk Squad


Finally, a service to help politicians who didn't grow up in the digital age safely text pictures of their privates.


Bill Clinton Sings ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke


Bill Clinton "sings" Robin Thicke's smash hit 'Blurred Lines' -- with the help of some clever editing.


NSA Flix: Netflix For Private Information


The NSA has decided to launch a new, exciting product that the entire family can enjoy.

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