Why Adding A ‘Kill Switch’ To Smartphones To Try To Discourage Theft Is A Terrible Idea

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New York State wants every cellphone to have a kill switch. But that's not going to help consumers, or stop theft. Here's why.

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Barack Obama Sings ‘Jingle Bells’


President Obama "sings" an upbeat rendition of "Jingle Bells" -- with the help of some clever editing.


The Florida Capitol Will Soon Feature A Festivus Pole With Pabst Blue Ribbon Cans

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After a nativity scene was approved for the Florida capitol building, an atheist was given permission to add a Festivus pole in protest.

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A Georgia Republican Made A Sad Parody Of Van Damme’s Epic Split Stunt Because Obamacare

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Mike Collins is not flexible when it comes to Obamacare. He is also not flexible when it comes to his legs.

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Politician Fail Compilation


Some of the funniest political missteps and mishaps ever caught on camera, all in one video.


SNL: Obama’s Anti-Depressant


<a href="">FULL RECAP: SNL HOSTED BY LADY GAGA</a> Paxil: Second Term Strength is the anti-depressant for presidents feeling low.


‘The Daily Show’ Had A Field Day With Crack-Smoking, P*ssy-Eating Mayor Rob Ford’s Latest Antics

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Jon Stewart attempts to match the overwhelming amount of comedy dripping from the human tragedy known as Rob Ford.

Troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies “Eating P*ssy” During Live Press Conference. Your Move, America.

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Embattled politician's newest press conference outburst puts him one step closer to being Canada's Webbie.


Meet The Russian Performance Artist Who Nailed His Testicles To A Cobblestone Street In Protest

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Pyotr Pavlensky took his protest act to a new, ballsack-nailed-to-the-ground extreme over the weekend.


Keith Olbermann Nailed It On Why Sports Uniforms And Politics Don’t Mix

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Keith Olbermann ranted about why sports uniforms and politics don't mix, citing (among other things) Rob Ford's tie

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‘Parks And Recreation’s Jim O’Heir Did Not Jerry This Perfect Impression Of Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford

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We don't have to worry about O'Heir being typecast as a fart attack-having loser with an enormous penis.

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Here’s Why Only Six People Were Able To Enroll In Obamacare The Day Launched

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The Affordable Care Act did not get to a great start online. But there's more to that clumsy launch than you might think.


Watch Stephen Colbert Visit A New Jersey Food Bank To Apply For Obamacare, Mercilessly Torment Everyone

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With the Obamacare website a complete disaster, Stephen Colbert pokes holes in the in-person application process.


A White House Staffer Has Been Busted For Being A Secret Twitter Troll

By | 2 Comments

Jofi Joseph just burned his career to the ground, thanks to Twitter.


Jon Stewart Ripped Apart The Obamacare Rollout On ‘The Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart and company were finally able to address the Obamacare rollout disaster, and they came out swinging.

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Allow The Tea Party Insult Generator To Waste Several Hours Of Your Lives

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The Tea Party Insult Generator uses actual insults left on John Boehner's Facebook page to create fresh, new insults.


Chris Matthews Fondly Recalls A Time When Politicians Were Less Stupid On Leno

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Real-life Will McAvoy and opinionated newsman in his own right Chris Matthews was on Leno tonight talking about how politics used to be, back in his day.

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New Poll: America Likes Hemorrhoids And Cockroaches More Than Congress

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According to Public Policy Polling, more Americans like having hemorrhoids than they like Congress. Sounds about right.

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