The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty – “Payday” Video

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One of the more exciting artists to emerge from Atlanta as of late, Scotty gives us an endearing video with "Payday," and no, that isn't Scotty rolling around the ATL.


Scotty – The Jiffy Cornbread Experience EP

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All artists currently gravitate to the kitchen to do their work.

The Dark Room

Mikkey Halsted Is A “First Class” Citizen

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<a href=""> Like plush pillows and complimentary Mimosas, Mikkey Halsted is headed to The Dark Room in first class style. Paris, Tokyo, anywhere you wanna go, Mikkey pulls audio frequencies out of thin air like airport Wi-Fi in his visual directed by Noah Banks. And yes, you can put your seat back. The Darkroom's red light should be appearing sometime this fall so get your night vision together. Download -- <a href="">Mikkey Halsted – “First Class”</a>.

The Dark Room

Mikkey Halsted – “First Class”

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<a href=""> "I'm a Crook, come and look at my Castle, you a Wonder Woman right? Don't get caught in my lasso...I'm a Mac, we can make computer love on my Apple." <a href="">Mik</a> and producer <a href="">Pro</a> combine for "First Class," serving up a flagrant street single for The Dark Room.


Lupe Fiasco – “B.M.F. (Building Minds Faster)”

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<a href=""> "I think I'm Malcolm X...Martin Luther...Add a King...Add a Junior..." Ingenious chorus. The bars can be your call. Fiasco's version does have a nice off the cuff feel to it, instead of sounding like a scripted "freestyle." Going across the board, he tosses out references to firearms, revolutionary tactics, Priceline, Reverend Run, BP and comparing his inner-circle and supporters to "a bunch of street aggins and a couple Urkels." Sidebar: Did you check Lupe's former producer Prolyfic and <a href="">his Twitter address</a> regarding <a href="">the Lasers petition</a>.

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