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TSS Presents Better Late Than Never Vol. 1

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<a href=""> Time has a not-so-funny way of passing us by. As we, TSS Crew strive to give you our earnest and admittedly, unquestionable opinions on the albums of the day, sometimes even a couple projects slip through our impenetrable reviewing hands. Take a SXSW here and a couple trips to New York there, the missed calls begin to pile up. So as we enter the quarter of our Hip-Hop fiscal year, here's our chance to blow secondhand smoke on some of 2010's offerings. As always, there's <a href="">the good, the bad and the in-between</a>.

Pursuit of Nappyness

Nappy Roots – “Ride” Video

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<a href="h"> “Go on, do the Stanky Legg. It’s better than talking about shooting people in the head.” After a few years of regrouping it seems like the <a href="">Nappy Roots</a> are back on the scene to make more feel good country rap tunes for the masses to enjoy.

Pursuit of Nappyness

Nappy Roots – “Ride”

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I completely missed <a href="">The Humdinger</a>, but Wooden Leather still gets burn from time to time.

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