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The Hater’s Guide to the Postseason: AFC 1st Seed — Tennessee Titans


If you find yourself confronted with an NFL postseason without a rooting interest and unmoved by Don Cheadle soliloquies, you must draw from the well of that most powerful of human emotions.

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Amateur Assistance for Kerry Collins’s Amateur Musical Career


"A Boy Named Kerry" Kerry Collins's country music career continues to bubble on the stove (via Shutdown Corner) as he works with established songwriters to help him write his own material: Life hasn't always been a string of wins and cheering fans for Collins, who completed rehab for alcoholism after public embarrassments in the late 1990s such as a driving-under-the-influence arrest and a bar scuffle with a teammate.

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Letters From Kerry Collins


Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, in addition to being an alleged racist, is quite active in his personal correspondance.

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Possible AFC Championship vs. Possible NFC Championship. WHO YA GOT?


Two of the elder franchises, each with a massive and surpassingly obnoxious fanbase, take on some Southern teams with followers made complacent by early success and NASCAR.

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You Know What This Debate Could Use More Of? Racial Slurs!


C'mon John, call him a skirt-chasing jigaboo just once and you'll have this thing locked up.

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