The RZA Will Direct That Genghis Khan Biopic


Two years ago, Vince brought us the news that Mickey Rourke had signed on to play Genghis Khan in a biopic of the Mongol leader written by Red Dawn scribe John Milius.


Will Smith Rapped For Everyone At Gabrielle Union’s 40th Birthday Party


First thing’s first – Gabrielle Union turned 40 today.

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Jay-Z Opened The New Barclays Center, Reminded Us That The Nets Have New Uniforms


Jay-Z owns roughly 1/15th of 1 percent of the Brooklyn Nets, so he’s like the NBA’s equivalent of any of the 632 celebrities that Stephen Ross has sold Miami Dolphins ownership scraps to, but at least he’s thoroughly more relevant than Gloria Estefan.


All The Haters Have A New Anthem


It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on Houston rapper Riff Raff, and this is hardly breaking news, but every once in a while it’s fun to stare at a warehouse fire in complete awe.


Will Drake And Chris Brown Fight Each Other For $1 Million? No.


In the wake of what has turned into one of the sissiest bar fights to ever involve two hip hop stars, multiple people are now looking for pay days.


Lil' Wayne Dissed By The Game


The controversy: rapper/actor-producer/avant-garde comedian (.


Lil Wayne's Headphones Cost $1,000,000


Apparently at some point, someone thought it was a good idea to take a million dollars worth of Graff diamonds and slap them on a set of Beats by Dre headphones.


The Magnificent Map Of Rap Names

The latest masterpiece from Pop Culture Labs is: "A ridiculously detailed guide to the semantics of rap names, this widescreen edition print spans over seven square feet and contains 636 rapper names as well as some all-time greats illustrated in the background.


The Mark Wahlberg Occupation Venn Diagram


As you may or may not be aware (probably the latter), Mark Wahlberg has a new action flick coming out today, and since I have a bit of a love-hate thing going with Marky Mark it seemed like a good time to explore it via crude venn diagramming.


25 Most Normal Photos Of Rappers Doing Normal Sh*t


I've never thought of myself as someone who brings the hip hop coverage on the reg (lots of Radiohead on my iPod) but seeing as how my previously discussed Wu-Tang Clan obsession in high school gives me all the street cred in the world AND awesome interminglings of hip hop and web culture keep falling in my lap (previously: Hip Hop Humor, Rapper Spelling Bee) it's like I'd be denying the universe if I didn't answer the calling.

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The Rappers Spelling Their Own Names Supercut You Didn’t Know You Needed Is Finally Here

Rappers spelling their own names in lyrics is one of the all-time gimmick rhymes.


Nerdy White Pancake Rapper Has The Most Viral Video On YouTube, Is Cousins With Bennett


Late yesterday nerdy white rapper, Mac Lethal, began to take the internet by storm with his pancake-oriented cover of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" that has to be the best white guy rapping about breakfast foods video I've seen since Chet Haze spit hot fire over huevos rancheros.


Drake Should Stop Talking About The NBA


I’m a little late to the party on this one, but since I’ve been mostly ignoring NBA news lately, I skipped over an interview that Rolling Stone published with R&B artist or rapper Drake last week.

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Changing The Morning Links For Blu-Ray

Links Burnsy Makes People Laugh In Real Life - Here's a nice teaser of Burnsy performing at a college football roast held by the Kiwanis Club.


The New Cadillac Hybrid Is Too Baller Not To Be Embraced By Hip-Hop Artists


Normally, we here at Uproxx leave the car news to sites like Jalopnik, but we love anything that is cool and hip, and the new hybrid convertible Cadillac just unveiled is cool and hip as hell.


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Rap About Dealing Prescription Drugs On YouTube

It's no secret that YouTube has been a boon to young, struggling musicians looking to make a name for themselves, providing the opportunity to showcase talents to and from any point on the globe, eliminating, or at least lessening, the need for geographical proximity to the music industry's kingmakers.


Chet Haze is playing SXSWeezy, y’all


A week ago, I'd still be convinced this whole Chet Haze thing was an elaborate joke.

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Yankees Fans Are Hardened Criminals


In perhaps the greatest crime discovery in the history of modern justice, the New York Times has reviewed the New York City Police Department’s news releases, surveillance videos, suspect sketches and other media reporters to discover that criminals in the Big Apple support the New York Yankees.


Brandon Roy Is Sorry For Something


Portland Trailblazers star Brandon Roy has issued an apology for his appearance in a new rap video from “artists” Cali and Cavalli for their hit(.

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