Redman Presents Reggie

“Whn The Lites Go Off” – Review Of Redman Presents…Reggie

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Rap's most prominent weed toker has undertaken a departure from what his fans are used to hearing with his seventh album, Redman Presents.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman – “Def Jammable” Video

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<a href=""> Have a seat there youngster and let Redman show you how he's been handling biz before YouTube and iPods became the predominant form of consuming music. Harking back to the days where Rap City participants actually competed who could have the most engaging flick, Doctor Noble dodges chubby chasers, inferno blasts and sadly, a ménage à trois (for PG-13 purposes) to give you the entertainment you crave as stores worldwide prepare to roll out Redman Presents...Reggie for your holiday shuffle. He even reps for <a href="">HHIR</a> in the vid.


Christmas With Def Jam 2010

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<a href=""> Without the proper buzz window and overdriven promotion, releasing an album in these dire times could be a wasted effort. Good thing the folks over at Def Jam have a bulletproof blueprint that no penny pincher can shoot down. By deviously planting unforeseen albums in stores during the holiday hustle-n-bustle, they're bound to scan a few discs just of the principality. Let's envision the scenario: Example A is 36-year-old male who runs into Best Buy to pay off last few dollars for the plasma TV his wife always wanted. Due to panic-stricken customers and the stressed teenagers forced to endure the breath of hell over nitpicky details like mislabled DVD box sets, Example A is going to be in line for a while. As he people watches to prevent succumbing to a ghastly boredom demise, he notices the new album from Ghostface Killah, Apollo Kids. Sure he enjoyed the sounds of Ironman during his college heyday, but that was years ago and as far as he's concerned, MP3 is a company who sends him bills every month. Now that he's briefly trailed off into a memory lane with the smell of blunt fog clouding the room as "Camay" plays softly in the background, he decides to tempt fate and see if GFK can bring his life a bit of nostalgia once again. And just like that, one unit has been shipped and sold. That's how it goes, right? Hellllll. To. The. Nah. You fuddy duddies don't buy CDs no more. But here's your Def Jam Christmas bundle of joy for 2K10 in case you get your mind right. <a href=""> Artist: Ghostface Killah New Album: Apollo Kids Last Album: <a href="">The Wizard Of Poetry: In Emerald City</a> (2009) Synopsis: Ghostdini rhymes get packaged up in the waning days of the year to save Hip-Hop yet again.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman – “Defjammable”

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<a href=""> Reggie’s back. Back again. And New Jersey’s greatest export brings us one of the lead singles off the end of the year album Reggie Presents Redman, “Defjammable.” The beat definitely packs the appropriate oomph you’d expect from a man whose built a career off of dirty, funky bass lines. His verses here aren’t quite up to his best work, lacking the frenetic pace and wit that have helped him build a two decade career. As last year’s Blackout 2 proved, Reggie can still run with the best of them when properly focused and motivated. Fans of that album should grab this and watch for the album dropping this December. Download -- <a href="">Redman - "Defjammable"</a>.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman – “Lookin’ Fly” Video

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<a href=""> Who knows what this album will eventually be called. I've seen Reggie Noble "0" 9 ½,  Reggie's Oodles of O's and now it's simply being touted as Reggie. Quite frankly, Redman could call this joint Mud Ducks & Grape Jelly and it wouldn't change the fact <a href="">the Funk Doctor</a> is putting it down regardless of mainstream attention, concrete release dates or whatever the little tykes call music.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman – “Mind On My Money”

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"I’m on tour nigga, you on Facebook…" Looks like the album title got altered to simply Reggie, which is good.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman – “Oh My”

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<a href="">Red Gone Wild</a> throws on his shine blockas and rides off in the sunset with this freshly wrapped blunt from the forthcoming <a href="">Reggie Noble "0" 9  ½</a>.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman Feat. Ready Roc – “Coc Back” Video

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Redman and Ready Roc brave the recession in Lambos with the visual for this bare-bones track from Reggie Noble "0" 9 ½.

Redman Presents Reggie

Redman Feat. Ready Roc – “Coc Back”

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If you can think back to eons ago in Internet years, <a href="">Reggie Noble told me</a> he planned on releasing Reggie Noble "0" 9 ½ later this year while simultaneously looking out for his Gilla House cohorts.

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