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Chris Brown Was Kicked Out Of Rehab Only To Come Out And Get Arrested

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Chris Brown threw a tantrum in rehab and violated his parole. L.A. is safe...for now.

Gregg Allman

Behind The Ink: The Personal Meanings Of Tattoos On Five Major Musicians

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The meaning behind Gucci Mane's famous ice cream face tattoo is surprisingly moving. Bwhahaha, just kidding!

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Rihanna & Shakira Get Intimate In The Sexiest Music Video Since The Last Rihanna Music Video

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Shakira and Rihanna roll around in the near-nude in this very sexy music video.


This Story About Partying With Rihanna From Charlamagne Tha God Is Just Fantastic

By | 7 Comments

Charlamagne Tha God recalls a time he partied with Rihanna in L.A. before the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. She seems like a fun time.


Behold, The 10 Most Googled Women Of 2013

By | 20 Comments

Was Miley able to twerk her way to the top of Google? The suspense is killing us.


This Kid Had A LOT Of Fun Sitting Next To Rihanna At A Lakers Game

By | 10 Comments

If you were sitting next to Rihanna, you'd try to hit on her, too.

chris brown

Chris Brown Arrested Again, This Time For Felony Assault

By | 23 Comments

Bad boy singer Chris Brown was arrested for felony last night, his third probation violation of the year.


Rihanna’s Racy Tweets Lead To The Arrest Of A Strip Club Owner In Thailand

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After Rihanna tweeted about a racy sex show she saw in Thailand, authorities swooped in and arrested the club owner.


Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' Music Video Is About As NSFW As A Music Video Can Be

By | 11 Comments

No one blurs the lines between music videos and straight up porn more than Rihanna.

Rihanna Had A Lot Of Fun In A Thailand Strip Club This Weekend

By | 6 Comments

Rihanna tweeted about her night at a Thailand strip club/sex show. It was amazing.


The 10 ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Fights We’d Like To See At The MTV VMAs Tonight

By | 6 Comments

To make MTV's VMAs 2013 more interesting: 10 pop star fights we'd love to see.


Rihanna And Jennifer Lawrence Are Now Hanging Out. We Have Many Questions.

By | 5 Comments

Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence ran into one another in Paris, and now they're best friends forever, at least in our minds.


Rihanna Hit A Grabby Fan With Her Microphone

By | 7 Comments

After an overzealous fan grabbed her by the arm, Rihanna reached over and hit him on the head with her microphone.

chris brown

Rihanna Is Allegedly Going To Love Rehab To Get Over, Ugh, HIM

By | 4 Comments

Free yourself from the disease known as Chris Brown, Rihanna.


Holland’s Public Enemy #1 Got An On-Stage Lap Dance From Rihanna

By | 7 Comments

The guy who got a lap dance from Rihanna is on everyone's enemy list.

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