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Watch Rihanna, Kanye West, And Paul McCartney’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Performance At The Grammys

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Watch Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney performing "FourFiveSeconds" at the Grammys.

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DJ Mustard’s Remix Adds The Bounce To Rihanna, Kanye And Paul McCartney’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’

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Listen to DJ Mustard's remix of Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney's "FourFiveSeconds."

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Watch Rihanna, Kanye West And Paul McCartney’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Video

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Watch the new video for "FourFiveSeconds," the song by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

#Grammys 2015

Kanye West, Rihanna, And Paul McCartney Released A Music Video, Will Perform During The Grammys

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The most unlikely group of performers in rap-rock history are coming to the Grammys.


Take A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Rihanna, Kanye, And Paul McCartney’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Video

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Rihanna shares a look at the making of the video for "FourFiveSeconds" with Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

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Listen To Rihanna’s ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Featuring Kanye West And Paul McCartney

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Listen to Rihanna's new song "FourFiveSeconds" featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

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Adrien Broner Apologizes To Jay Z And Rihanna For Saying ‘F*** Jay’ And ‘F*** Rihanna’

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Adrien Broner apologizes to Jay Z and Rihanna for vulgar remarks he made last week

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There’s Another Kanye West Song Featuring Paul McCartney, Rihanna And Ty Dolla $ign Dropping ‘Soon’

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Ty Dolla $ign hints at another song with Kanye West, Paul McCartney and Rihanna coming soon.


Rihanna Posts Up In A Bikini On Her Barbados Vacation

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Rihanna shares bikini pics from her holiday spent in Barbados.


Rihanna Previews A New Song Via Instagram

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Navy, Assemble! Your Queen tossed a snippet to you!


Meet The Boston Woman Who’s Paid $20,000 Per Appearance Because She Looks Like Rihanna

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Andele Lara looks so much like Rihanna that companies pay her to be Rihanna.


Rihanna Went To The White House And Pretended To Be On ‘Scandal’

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Rihanna went full Olivia Pope during her trip to Washington DC, and she's got the photos to prove it.


Rihanna Wants ‘A Big Trimmed ****’ For Christmas

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Does Rihanna want a trimmed penis for Christmas? Because it looks like Rihanna wants a trimmed penis for Christmas.

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Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen And Rihanna Are Headlining A Veterans Day Concert In DC


HBO and Starbucks are hosting the 'Concert for Valor' on the National Mall on Veterans Day, complete with an incredible lineup.

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