This Was Joel Embiid’s Reaction After Receiving Nude Photos From A Woman

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Nobody, and I mean nobody is doing Twitter like Sixers center Joel Embiid. He's the Steve Jobs of Twitter, a man well ahead of his time.


The NFL Wants To Charge Artists Like Katy Perry And Rihanna To Play The Super Bowl Halftime Show

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You may not get to see Katy Perry and Rihanna at the Super Bowl because the NFL is the greediest organization on earth.


Report: Jay Z And BeyoncĂ© Are Done Because He’s ‘Screwing’ This Pop Star

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Rumors have it Jay Z and Beyonce are calling it quits because he's been screwing an equally famous pop star.


No One Had More Fun At The World Cup Final Than Rihanna

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No one had more fun at the World Cup than Rihanna, and that includes the winning team.

#live music

Watch Rihanna Give A Very Lucky Nerd A Very Awkward Lap Dance

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Rihanna gave a nerd a lap dance, and it resulted in some epic hover handing.

#new music

Listen To Grimes’ Summer Smash That Was Meant For Rihanna


If Rihanna won't record your song, record it yourself.


TLC Is Not Pleased With Rihanna’s Boobs

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TLC hates that Rihanna uses her body to sell music. We counter, who cares?


Rihanna Twerked In Her See-Through Dress, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

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Rihanna is very good at doing things that will go very viral.

#Jay Z

Rihanna Leaves Def Jam

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After nine years, Rihanna leaves Def Jam.


Rihanna Finally Lets Her Boobs Hang Out

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If Rihanna exposes it, people come. Pause.


Rihanna’s Nipples Distracted Everyone At Last Night’s Brooklyn Nets Game

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The Brooklyn Nets know exactly what they're doing (when it comes to tweeting photos of Rihanna without a bra on).

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