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Robert Pattinson And Jon Stewart Ate Ice Cream, Talked About Stuff

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In his first post-breakup TV appearance, Robert Pattinson went on 'The Daily Show' and ate ice cream with Jon Stewart. This is an excellent way to deal with lady troubles.

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Omigod. You guys. Robert Pattinson is totes going to go on 'The Daily Show' and break his silence about Kristen Stewart cheating on him. Omigod.


Will Ferrell Went Full Twihard On ‘Conan’ Over The Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson Breakup

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Since he's the undisputed king of internet-baitable moments it's no surprise that Will Ferrell did a masterful "Twihard reacting to Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson" last night on Conan, and it's sure to get play everywhere today.


Twilight releases the most boring set of promotional stills in the history of man

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I know Summit probably realized years ago that they could release literally any promo material from Twilight and the Twihards would eat it up like their cats with so much fancy feast, but this is getting ridiculous.


The Definitive Breakdown Of ‘Twilight: Breaking HEARTS Part How Could You, K-Stew’

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It has been less than 24 hours since I first saw <a href="">Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina Tweet</a> the infamous video of the disappointed Twilight fan, but it has already gone from 301 to 229,609 views.


The Twihards Are PISSED At Kristen Stewart For Cheating On Robert Pattinson

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Next to the Beliebers the Twihards are arguably the most insane fanbase populating the internet, so you just knew that they were going to lose their minds over the news that famed glass case of emotion Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with a wrinkly-balled director -- and they are.


Robert Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis' Looks Busy

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While most of us are waiting patiently for the release of Twilight: Breaking Wind Dawn Pt.

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PICTURE: The Telepathic Vampire Fetus is All Growns Up

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At long last, Summit Entertainment (via <a href="In many ways, Renesmee's birth is considered a miracle. But not everyone is happy about it. Because of her half-breed status, she's also seen as a serious threat. Is she really that dangerous, or is everyone overreacting? " target="_blank">EntertainmentWeekly</a>) has released our first glimpse at the <a href="" target="_blank">telepathic vampire former fetus</a> from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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David Cronenberg does Don DeLillo: Cosmopolis Trailer

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I still haven't seen A Dangerous Method (Freud crap gives me the dismissive wanks), but Cronenberg's latest already has a teaser.

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Who Needs Celebrity Friends When You've Got Photoshop?

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A friend of mine used to throw a wild Christmas party every year with a selective guest list, which often left a lot of people pissed off and questioning their friendship.


Something For The Ladies: A Mashup Of Hunky Actors Saying ‘I Love You’

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While I sit here waiting for someone to finally give me the ultimate mashup of movie characters making fart noises, I suppose I can settle for today’s best effort of some of Hollywood’s hunkiest A-list male actors saying, “I love you.


Twihards: Still Crazy After All These Years

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Chances are if you live in a major city, you've noticed small groups of young girls and desperate middle-aged women gathering near your local cineplex, and yes, your worst nightmares have come true - another Twilight movie is upon us.


Hugh Jackman & Baz Luhrmann sang karaoke dressed like Japanese schoolgirls

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When Hugh Jackman and Australia director Baz Luhrmann hang out, as you can imagine, it's just a couple of good ol' bros, broin' out, doin' bro stuff.


Robert Pattinson wanted Twilight to have a pillow-biting scene

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I think we all needed a palate cleanser after that last depressing <a href="" target="_blank">post</a> about Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's handbasket to hell, and as usual, Us Weekly's got us covered.


Of Course, Wal-Mart Is Getting Into The Streaming Movie Business


Seeing that you can already pick up <a href="">a big booty</a> and <a href="">some Cheesy Poofs</a> there, I suppose it makes total sense that Walmart is going to start competing with Netflix and iTunes and your on-demand movie cable provider by selling streaming movies on its website.


Twilight: Our Long National Nightmare Is Almost Over

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Breaking Dawn is a <a href="../2009/12/how-many-more-twilights-will-there-be">batsh*t insane book</a>, so it shouldn't be surprising that fans of it were also the <a href="">first ones to line up</a> for San Diego Comic Con 2011 just to get a glimpse at the actors and see two boring scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (AKA <a href="../2011/06/first-twilight-breaking-dawn-trailer-the-full-breakdown#page/1">Snorkels the Vampire Fetus</a>).

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A Lovely Photo Gallery From The First Day Of Comic Con 2011

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As you probably know by now, Comic Con 2011 kicked off today in San Diego, and those of us who couldn't make it out there for it -- though we're secretly dying to be there -- have nothing else to do but play <a href="">Comic Con bingo</a> and poke fun at the celebs and attendees who are there while we sit at home, seething with envy, day-dreaming about the costume possibilities that could have been.

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James Franco wanted to be in Twilight, but only for the Francoest of reasons

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James Franco's <a href="" target="_blank">full Playboy interview</a> just came out in the print edition (you may remember <a href="" target="_blank">the teaser</a> where he talks about what went wrong at the Oscars from a few weeks ago) and I thought I'd share some of the highlights.

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