Three Years Later, Robot Drama ‘Eva’ Finally Comes To America

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'Eva' is finally coming to theaters, as further proof you should never sell your movie to the Weinstein Company.


A Japanese Ketchup Company Invented A Robot That Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

By | 3 Comments

Tomatan is an eighteen pound robot that sits on your back and feeds you tomatoes while you run.


A San Francisco Hospital Has A Helper Robot Called ‘Tug’

By | 8 Comments

A fleet of Tug travel the halls of a new San Francisco hospital, disappointing people who discover they're not THAT kind of robot.


Meet ‘Spot,’ Google And Boston Dynamics’ Newest Nightmare-Fueling Robot

By | 12 Comments

If you thought Boston Dynamics' BigDog robot was peak nightmare fuel, say hello to "Spot", their new collaboration with Google.


Japan Is Building A New Hotel That Will Be Staffed Completely By Robots

By | 4 Comments

Henn-na Hotel (which translates into "Strange Hotel) will feature 10 robots, including three "actroid" receptionists.


This Adorable Little Robot Octopus Is The Fastest Underwater Vehicle

By | 3 Comments

By imitating how an octopus travels, we've created an adorable robot that can beat a Porsche.


The Gobots Are Coming Back Because Nothing From The ’80s Can Stay Dead

By | 22 Comments

Hasbro might indeed be reviving the not-quite-as-good as Transformers robots.

threat assessment low

Russia Is A Bit Behind In The Robot Arms Race

By | 6 Comments

Russia needs better robots, as this clip shows us.


Atlas, AKA Google’s Terminator, Is Now Far Quieter And Battery-Powered

By | 3 Comments

Atlas, aka the Google Terminator, now no longer needs an air hose or safety tether. It's free! And can use weapons! Yay?


There’s Now Million-Dollar, Five-Ton, Diesel-Powered Japanese Robots For Sale On Amazon

By | 5 Comments

Japanese Amazon is now complete, because you can now buy a fully functional giant robot on it.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch As Jimmy Fallon Attempts To Defeat A Robot In A Game Of Beer Pong

By | 2 Comments

Jimmy Fallon helps us find answers to some questions we had about how the Versaball robot plays beer pong.

ces 2015

Five Sci-Fi Technologies That Became Reality At CES 2015

Promoted by HP

The future is now at CES, and most of all with these five technologies.


‘Chappie’ Looks Like A Lot Like ‘RoboCop’ In Its New Trailer

By | 16 Comments

It's a trailer about a robot police officer who discovers his humanity and fights a giant bipedal boondoggle of a robot. Yep, it's 'Chappie!'


Robot Beer Pong Is One Way Smart Drunk People Are Still Better Than You


Empire Robotics has brought their Versaball system to Vegas and I really want to know how you get a robot drunk.

Artificial Intelligence

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence

By | 9 Comments

Artificial intelligence scared the hell out of some really smart people in 2014. But it shouldn't have. Here's why.


Google’s Full Self-Driving Car Is Finally In The Prototype Stage

By | 16 Comments

The Googlecar now has headlights and safety features and other stuff that legally make it a real car. Still looks dorky, though!


Oh, Great, The Navy’s Building A Robot Shark Called The ‘GhostSwimmer’

By | 12 Comments

Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water to avoid robots, there are now robot sharks.

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