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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s 40-Yard Dash Time Is Only A Little Slower Than Tom Brady’s

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Could Tom Brady lose in a footrace to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a fair footrace? Quite possibly.


Someone In Phoenix Distributed Educational Flyers Explaining Football Deflation With ‘A Little Math & Physics’

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The pamphlet claims it's just a little math and physics, but the numbers and letters used are awfully big.

The Shade

Watch Roger Goodell Throw Serious Shade At CNN’s Rachel Nichols

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Roger Goodell was asked a tough question so of course he responded with shade.

#Ray Rice

In Case You Missed It, The Raw Announce Team Made Fun Of NBC For Kissing Roger Goodell’s Butt

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WWE took a shot at NBC for their praise of and carefully-worded statement about Roger Goodell's involvement in the Ray Rice incident.


Mueller Report: No Evidence NFL Saw Ray Rice Elevator Video Before The Public

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Hats off to Roger Goodell for somehow keeping his job after the Mueller Report.


Report: Roger Goodell Has Barred Any NFL Team From Moving To Los Angeles For The 2015 Season

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Roger Goodell is reportedly nixing any potential NFL team moving to LA in 2015, leaving it up in the air for another season.


And Now, The Worst Movies Of 2014

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This year didn't seem to have as many bad movies as 2013, but there were still some monumental stinkers to celebrate.


Suspended NFL Superstar Adrian Peterson Is Hinting That He May Retire And Pursue His Olympic Dreams

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His appeal for reinstatement rejected, suspended NFL star Adrian Peterson is throwing around the words "retirement" and "Olympics".


These Are The Finalists For Time’s Person Of The Year, Including Roger Goodell

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Will Roger Goodell edge out the Ferguson protester for TIME person of the year. Here's the complete list of finalists.

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Bill Simmons Cut Away To Music When The Topic Of Ray Rice Came Up On His Podcast

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Here's how Bill Simmons deal with the topic of Ray Rice on his most recent podcast.

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Why Has ‘Saturday Night Live’ Been So Bad At Sports Parody In Recent Years?

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Despite all of its glaring problems, 'Saturday Night Live' continues to suffer the most when it comes to executing strong sports satire.


ESPN Is Suspending Bill Simmons For 3 Weeks For His Impassioned Anti-Roger Goodell Comments

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Bill Simmons called out Roger Goodell for being a "liar" who peddles "f*cking bull$hit" and dared ESPN to reprimand him. Well they have.

roger goodell

Roger Goodell Says He Hasn’t Considered Resigning At All, Not One Bit, Not For A Second

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Roger Goodell said a lot of words today, almost all of which confirm him being a stubborn, arrogant a-hole.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart On The NFL: They ‘Don’t Know What The F*ck They’re Doing’

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Watch Jon Stewart blast the NFL for its mishandling of its domestic abuse epidemic on The Daily Show.


Frotcast 221: We Rate D*ck Pics Men Have Sent Alison Stevenson

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Alison Stevenson joins the FilmDrunk frotcast as we rate her creepiest online dating messages and best dick pics.

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Jon Stewart’s Comprehensive Guide To The NFL-Ray Rice Saga Is Here For You To Share With Non-Sports Fans

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Bonus Awkward Steve Young at the 4:00 mark for everyone who already know the full story.

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