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The Biggest, Most Incredible, Unbelievable, Shouted About Sports Moments Of 2012

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It is not an easy task to put together a list, such as the Greatest Sports Moments of 2012, specifically because so many things happen in any given year that it’s all but impossible to universally gauge which one event or person is greater than another.

jay cutler

With Leather’s Watch This: DON’T CAAAAAAARE

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Every NFL season, I reach a point of retrospect, when I look back at my fantasy drafts to determine which players I could have picked instead of who I actually picked.

replacement refs

Replacement Google Is Here To Bungle Simple Searches For You


The controversy over the NFL's replacement refs has birthed Replacement Google, so we know how bad a search engine run by the NFL could be.


The New Orleans Saints And Their Fans Are Still Sticking It To Roger Goodell

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In the least surprising news of the month and possibly year, suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is still super pissed off at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for making him the poster boy of what was lazily dubbed “Bountygate”.


Great News, Saints Fans: Your State Lawmakers Are Going After The NFL

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Trust me, folks – I hate talking any level of politics on this here sports humor blog, but sometimes I just can’t help but slap my forehead at the time management of our great nation’s elected officials.


The NFL Is Giving A-Hole Fans A Second Chance

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For the past two years, the NFL has apparently been sending undercover rival fans into stadiums to goad home fans into starting fights so Roger Goodell and his army of peacekeepers could weed out the sh*tty fans.


Sources: NFL Still A Total Butt

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As has been extensively documented, the 2010 NFL season was played without a salary cap because the owners chose to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement that was in place at the time.


Because The NFL Really Needs 34 Teams

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Despite not having the best of track records and a history of disagreements between the league, teams and city, Los Angeles is going to have another NFL team soon enough.


The Oakland Raiders Are Doing It Wrong And 4 Other Thoughts From This Weekend

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Each week during the NFL season, I’ll be slinging my random, sometimes nonsensical thoughts about what’s going down.


Impermissible Tattoos Worse Than Beating Your Girlfriend, Says NFL

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It looks like Terrelle Pryor is going to be making that face for while.

Ben Roethlisberger

James Harrison Should Just Stick His Sorrys In A Sack, Mister

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Now that the NFL is back in full swing, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has, as expected, increased his PR efforts in regard to <a href="">his recent interview with Men's Journal</a>, a magazine that I once had in my bathroom because I received four free issues.


James Harrison’s Hole Gets Deeper


According to Drew Brees, the NFL Lockout is almost over.

Antonio Cromartie

You People Are Guests in Kevin Costner’s Corn

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<a href="">Funny or Die</a> has a knack for cramming as many celebrities as possible into three minute video, and today they've outdone themselves -- watch in amazement has Ray Liotta, Kevin Costner, Dennis Haysbert, the Were-llama from Twilight and half of professional football bring you a Lockout-flavored sequel to the greatest baseball movie of all time, Field of Dreams.


Today In Sports: Nothing

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I just got back from the airport, and this is the post I keep behind the glass that reads IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK OPEN, so here we are.


NFL: 18-Game Season Off The Table

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As the NFL holds America's sports pages hostage for the second consecutive week, one big development in the collective bargaining negotiations between the league and its players has come to light: there will not be an 18-game regular season on the horizon.


NFL Negotiations: Where We Are And Why You Shouldn’t Care


I just taped a podcast with Brad Jackson at <a href="">The New Ledger</a> discussing the NFL's labor negotiations with its players and the probability of a lockout, replacement players, and an 18-game season.


Roger Goodell Would Buy That For A Dollar


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced earlier this week that he would give himself a pay cut in the event of a lockout.

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