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A Pro Wrestling Company Based On Fox News Is Happening And Needs Awful, Awful Writers

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A guy on Craiglist wants to start a wrestling promotion based on political characters, conspiracy theories and storylines. Also, EVIL JEWS.


What If Presidential Politicians Were More Like Kenny Powers?

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Kenny Powers is man who has the ball; he's the man who can throw it faster than f**k.

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Snoop Dogg Supports Ron Paul?

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Yahoo: "Did Snoop Dogg (born Calvin Cordozar Broadus) endorse GOP candidate Ron Paul for president.

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Ron Paul’s Bitchy Tweet And Marcus Bachmann’s Doggy Sunglasses Shopping Spree Steal The Iowa Sh*tshow

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In case you didn't stay up late last night to catch the results, genetically engineered Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also known as the Mittbot 9000, won the Iowa caucuses by 8 votes -- 8 VOTES.

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Kelly Clarkson Fans Not Happy About Kelly Clarkson’s Endorsement Of Ron Paul

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Earlier today, former American Idol winner and current pop star Kelly Clarkson used the magic Twitter machine to express her support for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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Frustrated iPhone-Licking Bullfrog Takes Anger Out on Thumb

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Look, I was about to write about the fact that the voice of super-hot old lady Helen Mirren is appearing in an episode "Glee" when it returns in January (as the inner voice of one of the characters), but then realized no one really cared.

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The Presidential candidates pick their favorite movies

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Politics is little more than retarded theater these days, so when political candidates discuss their favorite movies, it's kind of surreal, like hearing Lord of the Rings characters explain who they voted for on Dancing with the Stars.

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The Republican Presidential Debate in 45 Seconds

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The reason I hate politics in America is that it caters to the lowest common denominator.


Barney Frank And Ron Paul Are Now The Heroes Of Every Stoner Movie Character, Ever


In one of more hilarious bill sponsoring pairings in the history of American politics, openly gay congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts and militant libertarian darling Ron Paul are teaming together to introduce a bill in Congress that would effectively abolish the ridiculous federal laws making marijuana an illegal drug.


6.20 The Cooler

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Aneta Clarke Rory McIlroy Isn't the Next Tiger Woods [Bleacher Report] 8 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Cleaner Than the Cloud [DMN] Is Lil’ Kim Joining G-Unit.

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Absolute Proof That Ron Paul Is An Idiot

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Every now and then Ron Paul will say something -- usually about the absurdity of this country's various wars, particularly the ones on war and terror -- and I'll think, "Heh, that makes so much sense.

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The New York Times did an article on the Brüno movie over the weekend, focussing on the film's overt political message.



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In a way, this picture makes complete sense.

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