Ron Paul boasts about helping Kelly Clarkson’s album sales

01.04.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Pop star Kelly Clarkson is seeing an uptick in sales of her latest album “Stronger” after endorsing controversial Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, and Paul is happy to talk up the mutually beneficial relationship — even proudly taking credit for the sales figures.

While at a high school on the campaign trail in Iowa on Tuesday, Paul reminded the crowd of Clarkson’s statements and said, “our supporters went out and bumped up her sales by 600%.”

The former “American Idol” winner saw a spike in album sales last week after she proclaimed her pro-Paul stance online. While it’s not clear if the sales are due solely to Paul supporters, or just people being none-too-subtly reminded that she has a new record out, Paul seems confident that it’s the former.

Clarkson initially came under some fire from some fans after the endorsement, but she seems to have come out on top. Likewise, Paul is leveraging the shout-out to earn some new younger voters.

Of course, whether or not anyone should really pay attention to what a pop star thinks about politics is eternally up for debate.

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