UFC Fighter Ian McCall Calls Ronda Rousey ‘Cute’ And Says He Will Throw Her On Her Head

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Has anyone else noticed the sudden undercurrent of opinion that maybe, just maybe, Ronda Rousey should fight a dude at some point.


Some Crazy Fan Made A Claymation Version Of Ronda Rousey’s Last Fight


A fan has gone ahead and made a clay animation version of Ronda Rousey's fight with Cat Zingano at UFC 184.


Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Need To Respond To Cris Cyborg Because Her Mom Already Did

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When Cris Cyborg tried to trash talk Ronda Rousey after her amazing win, the champ's mom stepped in with a perfect response.


Ronda Rousey Will Team Up With ‘The Raid’ Star Iko Uwais For A Peter Berg Film

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Ronda Rousey's next film project features her and star of 'The Raid,' Iko Uwais, teaming up to kill everything in sight.


Fast And Furious: 10 Fights Ronda Rousey Won In Under A Minute


On Saturday night Ronda Rousey set the record for fastest finish in a UFC title fight at 14 seconds.


The Best Pictures And Videos From UFC 184

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It was a great night of fights for the UFC in Los Angeles, chock full of crazy knockouts and submissions.


Watch Ronda Rousey’s Incredible 14 Second Victory Over Cat Zingano

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Ronda Rousey took out Cat Zingano in a record-setting 14 seconds at UFC 184. WOW!


Bellator 134, Invicta 11, UFC 184: Triple Title Fight Live Discussion

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This weekend, Bellator, Invicta, and UFC all have title fights. Join us for a live discussion of it all.

UFC 184

UFC 184 Predictions: Who Remains Undefeated, Rousey Or Zingano?

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MMA experts pick the winners of this weekend's big fights.


Would Ronda Rousey Fight A Man? Here Are Five She Could Take On.

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Dana White joked that he might have to match her up against men. This is how it would go down.


Ronda Rousey Calls Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste A Glorified Hooters Girl

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Ronda Rousey hasn't been throwing a lot of heat at her UFC 184 opponent Cat Zingano, which is understandable considering Zingano is a universally respected competitor who lost her husband to suicide last year.


Watch Ronda Rousey Nerd Out On World Of Warcraft Ahead Of Her UFC 184 Fight

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Any time a pay-per-view is coming up, UFC creates a new Embedded series that follows the main and co-main event fighters around in the week leading up to the fight.


Ronda Rousey Defined Her Ideal Man And Conan Immediately Fell In Love

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  Ronda Rousey was on Conan Thursday night to discuss her upcoming fight with Cat Zingano at UFC 184.


UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Says She Doesn’t Pick Fights, She Solves Them


Ronda Rousey has been firing off some amazing quotes during her media obligations for UFC 184 next week. Here are some of the best lines.

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