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Merry Christmas To Us: ‘Saved By The Bell’-Inspired Air Jordans

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Someone made a pair of custom "Saved by the Bell"-inspired Air Jordan 10s. THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.


The Dallas Mavericks Are Still Being Weird About Christmas

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Last week we featured a video of the <a href="" target="_blank">Dallas Mavericks murmuring their way through 'Sleigh Ride,'</a> and if you thought that'd be the end of their wacky Christmas updates, you are underestimating a 12-13 team with nothing better to do.


Zack Morris Sells Friendship Bracelets on Shark Tank


Fast-talking Zack Morris pitches his line of friendship bracelets on Shark Tank.


Today Is The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style’

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"Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style" debuted on November 27, 1992. Congratulations, you are old.


Mr. Belding Is A Creep Who Is 'Trying To Find Some Young Bitches,' Says Rapper Action Bronson

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Rapper Action Bronson made a song titled "Dennis Haskins" (aka Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell"), who he describes lovingly as "a creep" who is "trying to find some young bitches."


‘Mad Men’ Is Filming Top Secret Scenes In Hawaii For The Upcoming Season Premiere

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'Mad Men' showrunner Matthew Weiner is taking Jon Hamm, Jessica Pare, and a small crew to Hawaii to film scenes for the show's Season 6 premiere. Let's imagine how it will play out, shall we? (Spoiler Alert: Pete is Screech.)


Seven ’90s Stars We Wanted To Screw, But Not Anymore

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It's always a let down when when a hot celebrity chick falls off.


Art Imitates Life: Tiffani Thiessen Dated A 19-Year-Old When She Was 14

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Tiffani Thiessen ("Saved by the Bell's" Kelly Kapowski) went on Howard Stern this morning and talked about losing her virginity at 14 to her 19-year-old boyfriend.


Sports On TV: Saved By The Bell’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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Welcome to the first edition of With Leather's newest, least cool weekly feature ever: SPORTS ON TV, where we countdown the greatest sports-related moments from your favorite, mostly not sports-related television shows.


Mr. Belding Is a Hype Man for Underground Rapper Action Bronson Now

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A few weeks back, Dennis Haskins appeared briefly in an episode of "Mad Men" as the Head of Desserts for General Foods.


Gosselaar-gate, Day Three

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MY LIVING ROOM, Pennsylvania, June 8 -- With the nation still in shock over <a href="">his recent comments</a>, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has <a href="">reached out to impartial, respected news sources</a> in an attempt to clear up what he feels was a misunderstanding.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says 'Saved by the Bell' Was 'Not a Great Show'

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All-time #1 best ever American hero Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been doing a load of press to promote the second season of "Franklin & Bash," which means he has been dealing with questions about "Saved by the Bell" pretty much non-stop for a few weeks.

brian mcknight

6.5 The Cooler

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What Is Xbox SmartGlass.


MTV2 Commercial Mashes Up 'Saved by the Bell' and Wu-Tang's 'Bring Da Ruckus'

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As if stacking rappers on top of each other 3x3 and asking them innuendo-laden questions about topics like pop culture, food, and the animal kingdom on <a href="">a show called "Hip Hop Squares"</a> wasn't enough to win my heart forever, MTV2 has also been running old episodes of "Saved by the Bell" during the day, and promoting them by mashing up the scene where Zack and Slater fight with the Wu-Tang Clan classic "Bring Da Ruckus.


With Spandex Episode 3: Icarus

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Photo credit to the amazing Zia Hiltey.


Floppy Drives Would Like To Know, 'What is Love?'


We've posted music made by floppy drives before (I could be doing right now.

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