united states

Thanks To This New U.S. Map, You Can Pick Where You Want To Live Based On Noise

By | 7 Comments

The U.S. is a loud place, but not everywhere. Where are the quieter spots? A new map has the answer.


Yes, Your Dog Can Actually Tell Whether You’re Happy Or Sad

By | 8 Comments

Dogs, it turns out, can read human faces much better than we thought.


Heart Your Heart: The Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate


There have been over 40 different health benefits discovered to eating chocolate. Here's some of the best.

Prosthetic limbs

The US Military Is Officially Developing Prosthetic Limbs With A Sense Of Touch


DARPA is going full sci-fi and working on replacement limbs with full sensory feedback.


The Earth’s Core May Have More Layers Than We Thought

By | 11 Comments

The Earth's core is a fascinating place... and it may have more to it than we realized.


Test Subjects Were Unable To Tell The Difference Between Filtered Sewage And Bottled Water

By | 5 Comments

It's only a matter of time before we're all drinking poop water, so get used to it people.


A New Company Claims It Can Recreate Your Face Just From A DNA Sample


Not at the moment, but at least one company is claiming to have that ability.

Binge Watching

SCIENCE: Maybe You Binge-Watch Television Shows Because You’re Super Depressed

By | 14 Comments

Are you binge-watching lots and lots of television. Well, maybe you're depressed, according to a new study.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits That His Own #DeflateGate Science Was Way Off Too

By | 7 Comments

Neil deGrasse Tyson went and tried to bring science into the discussion about #DeflateGate, but only managed to screw it up in the process.


Bill Gates: The Popularity Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Proves That People Are Getting Smarter

By | 12 Comments

Bill Gates thinks that a world that enjoys a nuanced show like Breaking Bad has evolved from a world where Leave it to Beaver was king.


Science Says That Being Mean On Twitter Can Kill You

By | 2 Comments

According to science, a hostile environment on social media sites like Twitter can be very bad for your health.


Could The Kool-Aid Man Really Survive Running Through A Brick Wall?

By | 3 Comments

Here's the sugary science behind a 6-foot-tall sentient glass pitcher destroying your walls with nary a f*ck to give.

3D printing

World’s Greatest Husband Used A 3D Printer To Save His Wife’s Eyesight

By | 6 Comments

Michael Balzer used his skills to save his wife from invasive brain surgery. He is automatically a better spouse than you.

cloaking devices

Scientists Have Developed A Cloaking Device You Can Replicate For Just $150

By | 7 Comments

Scientists at the University of Rochester have put together an affordable invisibility device that you can replicate.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Getting His Own Talk Show And Bill Nye Will Be Involved

By | 7 Comments

Ol' Neil DeGrasse Tyson is getting his own talk show called, of course, 'Star Talk'.


You May Be Able To Touch People And Objects Over The Internet By 2035

By | 8 Comments

The good news is that scientists are working on a way to unlock the full potential of the internet. The bad news is it's gonna take awhile.

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