Watch Marshawn Lynch’s Bizarre ‘Thanks For Asking’ Post Game Interview

By | 5 Comments

Marshawn Lynch wants to thank you for asking about his stomach ailment.


Russell Wilson And An NFL Player Are Maybe Fighting Over An NXT Personality

By | 20 Comments

Are NFL players Russell Wilson and Joseph Fauria feuding over a former NXT backstage interviewer? Looks like it.


Seattle’s Richard Sherman Twisted The Knife On The 49ers With His Postgame Comments

By | 2 Comments

Richard Sherman had some choice words for Colin Kaepernick after the game.

Sports bloopers

Watch Marshawn Lynch’s Bizarre One-Word Interview With Reporters After The Seahawks Game

By | 16 Comments

Marshawn Lynch had a lot to say to reporters after the Seahawks victory (he had nothing to say).


Are The Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To Their Fans?

By | 13 Comments

Are The Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To Their Fans?


This Russell Wilson Scramble And Toss For A First Down Was Completely Insane

By | 17 Comments

Russell Wilson capped off an incredible Monday Night performance with this ridiculous scramble.


Here’s The Seahawks’ Michael Bennett With The Most Erotic Sack Dance Of All-Time

By | 9 Comments

Prepare yourself for the most R-rated sack dance of all-time courtesy of Michael Bennett.


What’s On Tonight: FOOTBALL IS BACK

By | 9 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including FOOTBALL IS BACK NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN.

Sports Illustrated Cover

Hey There, Mr. Wilson! Russell Wilson’s Penis Makes An Appearance On The Cover Of SI.

By | 10 Comments

That awkward moment when Sports Illustrated featured Russell Wilson's penis on their cover.


Richard Sherman’s New Seahawks Contract Makes Him One Rich Cornerback

By | 7 Comments

Sorry, Crabtree, Richard's not going anywhere anytime soon.


Queen Latifah Helped Richard Sherman Surprise Two Of His Biggest Fans

By | 4 Comments

A young fan of Richard Sherman got the surprise of his life when Queen Latifah helped him meet the Seahawks star on her show this week.


A Las Vegas Bar Made A Really Stupid Joke About The Denver Broncos

By | 8 Comments

In trying to make fun of the Denver Broncos, a Las Vegas bar ended up insulting sick children and all of their families.


With Leather’s Watch This: Cris Carter Didn’t Care For Doug Baldwin’s Postgame Comments

By | 4 Comments

NFL Hall-of-Famer and analyst Cris Carter wasn't happy that Doug Baldwin ripped him for calling him an 'appetizer' of a wide receiver.


The Seattle Seahawks Congratulated WWE’s Daniel Bryan On Their Super Bowl Win

By | 9 Comments

The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl and tweeted at noted Seahawks fan and WWE People's Hero Daniel Bryan.


Prophet David E Taylor Predicated Super Bowl XLVIII Using Dreams. Really, Really Badly.

By | 12 Comments

Prophet and minister David E Taylor used the power of God and his messages through dreams to predict a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win. Whoops!


Here’s The Best Super Bowl Prank Video You’ll See Today

By | 2 Comments

Watch these Super Bowl fans get pranked by 2 guys taking trash about their teams to their faces. Some of them don't have a sense of humor. Probably the mustaches? Definitely the mustaches.

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