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A Georgia Woman Is Suing Over A City Ordinance That Requires A Prescription To Buy Sex Toys

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City officials in Sandy Springs passed a law to require prescriptions for sex toys, and businesses and people are not happy about it.


Apple Rejected An App That Would Educate Young Women About Their Ladyparts, But Hey Hookup Apps Are All Good!

By | 8 Comments

'Happy Fun Time' wants to teach women to better pull a Divinyls, but Apple's having none of that crap.


A Wedding In Utah Was Interrupted By Transients Having Sex On The Church Lawn

By | 21 Comments

Some old transients were arrested after they were spotted having disgusting sex on a church lawn in front of some wedding guests.


A Drunk Woman Was Caught Having Sex On A Flight That Her Parents Were Also On

By | 2 Comments

A drunk woman had sex on a Virgin flight to Las Vegas. It's almost too perfect.


Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Answers All The Obvious Questions In A New Interview


Duke porn star Belle Knox opens up about the important things in her life. Like the weirdest place she's had sex!


Meet The Woman Who Has 50 Orgasms A Day But Is Not Allowed To Have Sex

By | 9 Comments

Amanda Gryce has dozens of orgasms every day, but can't have sex. It's like an episode of "The Twilight Zone."


Brazil’s Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari Has Banned Players From Having ‘Acrobatic’ Sex

By | 3 Comments

Brazil's manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has put a limit on the types of sex that his players can have before and during the 2014 World Cup.


The Latest Instagram Trend: Taking Sweaty Selfies #AfterSex

By | 23 Comments

Teens today are showing they just had sex by Instagramming about it.


Meet This Amazingly Dumb Florida Couple Who Humped In A Women's Bathroom At Walgreens

By | 18 Comments

The best part about having sex at a Walgreen's is that you can conveniently pick up your condoms beforehand. One stop shop!


STUDY: 5% Of UK Residents Check Facebook During Sex

By | 5 Comments

Brits have to take their hands off of their lovers because Facebook is calling. Not me though, ladies.

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Delaware Police Seek The Classy Couple That Had St. Paddy’s Day Dumpster Sex Behind Dunkin Donuts

By | 35 Comments

Meet the idiots who thought doggstyle sex in broad daylight during St. Patrick's Day festivities was a good idea.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Two Types Of Female Orgasm

By | 17 Comments

A scientific study seeks to solve the mystery of how many types of female orgasms there are. They still can't tell you how to find them, though.


Anal Sex Is The New Penis-Vagina Sex, Say College Kids

By | 25 Comments

Today's youth, with their selfies and snapchats and butt sex.


The Chef Who Had Sex With A Hot Pocket Is The Hero The Internet Deserves

By | 5 Comments

The only thing keeping you from fame is NOT having sex with a Hot Pocket.


Jonah Hill Explained To Conan How The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Airplane Orgy Scene Was A Total Nightmare

By | 9 Comments

Being in tight quarters with a bunch of naked bodies for 18 straight hours isn't as glamorous as it sounds.

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