Jonah Hill Explained To Conan How The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Airplane Orgy Scene Was A Total Nightmare

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Being in tight quarters with a bunch of naked bodies for 18 straight hours isn't as glamorous as it sounds.


Watch Conan O’Brien Learn How To Find The G-Spot From A Female Sex Doctor

By | 11 Comments

Sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman gives Conan O'Brien a valuable lesson on those always-complicated lady parts.


A Pennsylvania Couple Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Boinking In A Parked Car

By | 22 Comments

A 40 year old man and woman in Pennsylvania are dead of succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning after having sex in a parked car in a garage.


A Chinese Company Rewarded Its Employee Of The Year With A Night With A Porn Star

By | 5 Comments

An unnamed company in China decided that in lieu of cash, the year-end bonus for the Employee of the Year would be a night with a porn star.


Important MMA News: Tito Ortiz Banged For 90 Minutes In The Back Of A Cab

By | 7 Comments

According to a recent taxi driver AMA on Reddit, Tito Ortiz had a 90-minute sex session in the back of a cab. Spoiler alert: the trip cost him $300.

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Did A Brazilian Hooker Post Video Of Justin Bieber Sleeping In Her Bed To YouTube? You Make The Call!

By | 33 Comments

Justin Bieber has apparently been videotaped with an alleged Brazilian prostitute. Kid's got a rough life.


Watch An Athlete’s Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Realize She’s On TV Act Out A Sexual Encounter


The cricket player's girlfriend doesn't know she's on TV while she's imitating a sexual encounter, and the world is better off for it.

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Meet The Man Who Has Had Sex With Nearly 1,000 Cars

By | 11 Comments

Over the last 45 years, Edward Smith has had nearly 1,000 lovers, but only one has been a woman. The rest have been cars.

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Bucky Boyd, America's Worst Fighter, Is Back For Some Reason

By | 14 Comments

Bucky Boyd, the worst fighter in human history, has returned with a series of challenges, excuses and sexual advances for all his Buckymaniacs.


8 Explosive Facts About Orgasms


Here's the sticky truth about the big O.


Let’s Get Hyped As Balls For The Return Of The World Testicle Cooking Championship

By | 2 Comments

First of all, big ups to Getty Images for having 38 pages of "testicle" options.


26 Strange Animal Mating Habits


<a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/john-green/?section=video">John Green</a> discusses 26 animals that have some rather weird mating habits, including giraffes and porcupines.


Jason Sudeikis Lost Weight Because Of All The Sex You’re Not Having With Olivia Wilde

By | 28 Comments

Having sex with Olivia Wilde is the best exercise of all. Just ask Jason Sudeikis.

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Armie Hammer Has A Way With The Ladies

By | 14 Comments

Here’s a fun fact about actor Armie Hammer – His very first credited role was as “Student #2” in Arrested Development.


Drunk Driver Hid In Cactus Patch After Crashing Car, Sending Naked Lover Flying Out The Window

By | 11 Comments

Drunks, sex, car crashes, nudity, cactus patches, this story has it all.


The Air Sex World Championships Is Making A Documentary (And I’m In It)

By | 2 Comments

If you've enjoyed contributing money to millionaire Kickstarter vanity projects by folks like Rob Thomas, Zach Braff and Rob Liefeld (<a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/649924296/brigade-returns?ref=recently_launched" target="_blank">no, seriously, Rob Liefeld is doing one of these things</a>), you'll LOVE giving money to millionaires who matter: <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bonbevans/air-sex-championships-tour-documentary-0" target="_blank">the bizarre human beings behind the Air Sex World Championships are making a documentary</a>.

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