STUDY: 5% Of UK Residents Check Facebook During Sex

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Brits have to take their hands off of their lovers because Facebook is calling. Not me though, ladies.

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Delaware Police Seek The Classy Couple That Had St. Paddy’s Day Dumpster Sex Behind Dunkin Donuts

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Meet the idiots who thought doggstyle sex in broad daylight during St. Patrick's Day festivities was a good idea.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Two Types Of Female Orgasm

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A scientific study seeks to solve the mystery of how many types of female orgasms there are. They still can't tell you how to find them, though.


Anal Sex Is The New Penis-Vagina Sex, Say College Kids

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Today's youth, with their selfies and snapchats and butt sex.


The Chef Who Had Sex With A Hot Pocket Is The Hero The Internet Deserves

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The only thing keeping you from fame is NOT having sex with a Hot Pocket.


Jonah Hill Explained To Conan How The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Airplane Orgy Scene Was A Total Nightmare

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Being in tight quarters with a bunch of naked bodies for 18 straight hours isn't as glamorous as it sounds.


Watch Conan O’Brien Learn How To Find The G-Spot From A Female Sex Doctor

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Sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman gives Conan O'Brien a valuable lesson on those always-complicated lady parts.


A Pennsylvania Couple Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Boinking In A Parked Car

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A 40 year old man and woman in Pennsylvania are dead of succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning after having sex in a parked car in a garage.


A Chinese Company Rewarded Its Employee Of The Year With A Night With A Porn Star

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An unnamed company in China decided that in lieu of cash, the year-end bonus for the Employee of the Year would be a night with a porn star.


Important MMA News: Tito Ortiz Banged For 90 Minutes In The Back Of A Cab

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According to a recent taxi driver AMA on Reddit, Tito Ortiz had a 90-minute sex session in the back of a cab. Spoiler alert: the trip cost him $300.

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Did A Brazilian Hooker Post Video Of Justin Bieber Sleeping In Her Bed To YouTube? You Make The Call!

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Justin Bieber has apparently been videotaped with an alleged Brazilian prostitute. Kid's got a rough life.


Watch An Athlete’s Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Realize She’s On TV Act Out A Sexual Encounter


The cricket player's girlfriend doesn't know she's on TV while she's imitating a sexual encounter, and the world is better off for it.

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Meet The Man Who Has Had Sex With Nearly 1,000 Cars

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Over the last 45 years, Edward Smith has had nearly 1,000 lovers, but only one has been a woman. The rest have been cars.

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Bucky Boyd, America's Worst Fighter, Is Back For Some Reason

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Bucky Boyd, the worst fighter in human history, has returned with a series of challenges, excuses and sexual advances for all his Buckymaniacs.


8 Explosive Facts About Orgasms


Here's the sticky truth about the big O.

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