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The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week: ‘Sex’ #1

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'Sex' #1 has a lot of hype behind it, but it's a lot more interesting, and has more depth, than at first glance.

47 ronin

Early Panels: Three Comics We're Looking Forward To Tomorrow

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Samurai, Oliver Queen's lousy day, and superheroes sleeping around are key components of the comics we can't wait to read this week.


The Men of LA


A video response to the super viral takedown of the materialistic women of Los Angeles: <a href="">The Women of LA</a>.


So It’s Come To This: The Air Sex National Championships

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<a href="" target="_blank">As I mentioned last week</a>, the Air Sex National Championships went down in Austin, TX, on Friday night.


Josh Groban’s Sex Pills


The first pill clinically proven to make you more good at sex.


The Women of LA


This musical takedown of the materialistic women of Los Angeles features some fantastic cameos, including Dennis Haskins (Mr.


The University Of Minnesota Is Teaching Female Students How To Have Orgasms Now

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While the University of Toronto <a href="">is busy throwing massive orgies for its students in swanky water park sex clubs</a>, American colleges are being a little more responsible with the manners in which they promote sex.

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Damn Norfolk, You Nasty: A Couple Used Craigslist To Fulfill Their Pat Robertson Sex Fantasy

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A few months have passed since we last checked in on <a href="">the insane world of Craigslist postings</a>, but 2013 finally has its first, “You’ve got to be kidding me” post of the year, and it comes to us from the lovely hamlet of Kempsville, Virginia.


We Were All Female


Gentlemen: Science has a confession.


Ray Elbe Talks About That Time He Bent His Penis Bent Backwards And Broke It

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-100396"></a>OH GOD I JUST READ MY OWN HEADLINE Ray Elbe -- you may remember him from season 9 of 'The Ultimate Fighter -- suffered an injury that no man should have to suffer.


Mike Tyson Once Again Talked About The Day He Didn’t Kill Brad Pitt

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Mike Tyson has told the story about the time <a href="">he caught his then-wife Robin Givens with then-nobody actor Brad Pitt before</a>.


Leaked General Petraeus Sex Tape


Wikileaks (Funny or Die) has uncovered a video with evidence of multiple national security breaches by CIA director David Petraeus.


How Are People In Canada Coping With The NHL Lockout? Sex Toys, Of Course

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As we dip our toes into <a href="">the 66th day of this NHL lockout</a>, it shouldn’t surprise many people that yesterday’s latest crucial meeting was a complete dud, as talks lasted a whopping two hours.


The Science of Morning Wood


<a href="">AsapSCIENCE</a> takes a look at the "hard" facts to reveal the mechanisms behind -- and reasons for -- this phenomenon.

Everyone On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Is Having Sex, Allegedly

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According to an inside source, all the contestants and dancers on "Dancing With the Stars" are boning each other. Also, Carrie Ann Inaba fell off her chair.

judgey mcjudgerson

Fox News Columnist: You Guys Are Missing Out On Some Hot Marriage Sex With All That Pre-Marital Sex You’re Having

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You guys, Fox News abstinence columnist Steven Crowder recently got married, which means he finally got to stick his eager wee-wee into a nice lady's va-jay-jay. From this experience, he has drawn some conclusions.


If Condom Commercials Were Honest


No extravagant hyperbole or glamorization here.


The One Handed Condom Wrapper


The one handed condom wrapper is "designed to be easily opened, boosting feelings of confidence, allowing the individual to perform and sustain a mood without the awkward distraction of a difficult wrapper.

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