Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson – Hollywood Shuffle Side B

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<a href=""> Not really sure how many people dig <a href="">Shawn Jackson</a> aside from LC and me but we've both been known to have tunnel vision adoration for select music anyways.

Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson – “Lil Big Man” Video


<a href=""> God Bless Tiny Tim Cratchit, who first kept the dream of happiness and the hope of a livable income alive through Dickens. And God Bless <a href="">Shawn Jackson</a>, who keeps the dream of good taste and the hope of listenable Hip-Hop alive in me.

Shawn Jackson

Cook Classics Is Recharged

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<a href=""> The world needs more producers like <a href="">Cook Classics</a>.


Buff1 – It’s A 1derful Life Mixtape

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New mixtape from Athletic Mic League's <a href="">Buff1</a> as he gathers his friends - both on the boards and the mic - for the release of It's A 1nderful Life, mixed by fellow Crown Royale member <a href="">DJ Rhettmatic</a>.


Buff1 Feat. Diz Gibran & Shawn Jackson – “The Best Are Full Of Love”

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<a href="">Diz Gibran and Buff 1 in studio with Cook Classics</a> from <a href="">gregthedude</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.

Shawn Jackson

Co$$ Feat. Shawn Jackson – “L.A.’s Best”

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If you listen to nothing else today or only one song, give this one at least 15-30 seconds.

Shawn Jackson

TWTW — Fave Five Recap

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It's quite obvious that this is the LC show today as we presume the boys are off beating their collective meats in one hell of a competitive circle jerk pause.

Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson’s Fave Five — Beat Maker Series

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Shawn Jackson is the best of both worlds -- he's laid back like the flow of his West Coast home, and raps with the flare of his East Coast roots; he's unendingly cordial and friendly, and gully to the tune of a menacing gaze and air of someone who'd fuck you up; he bends beats to the will of his rhymes, and has the golden ear of classically trained musician.


Thank You LC

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The day she introduced me to this song, it changed my life.

Shawn Jackson

Write Back To The Future…

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"Is there anything Haircut can't do.

Shawn Jackson

TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Shawn Jackson

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I'll admit it, I slept on <a href="">Shawn Jackson's</a> music.

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