The Taco Bell Restaurant That Started It All Is In Danger Of Being Demolished

By | 6 Comments

A conservancy group in Downey, California has reached out to Taco Bell for help in saving the fast food chain's very first restaurant.


Cher Has Apparently Lost Her Mind And Is Tweeting About Hitler Living In Apple’s iCloud

By | 15 Comments

Seems Cher recently name dropped Hitler in a tweet that has left many scratching their heads.

lena dunham

Lena Dunham Broke Up With Twitter Over Trolls, Still Calls Once In A While

By | 5 Comments

Lena Dunham says that nasty comments have caused her to step back from social media.

Social Media

An Injured Hiker Was Found And Rescued, All Thanks To A Facebook Post

By | 4 Comments

Believe it or not, social media actually saved an injured hiker and his son.


Can You Declare Copyright On Your Facebook Posts? No, Because They’re Already Copyrighted.

By | 13 Comments

The copyright hoax is sweeping Facebook again, so here's what you actually need to know about Facebook and copyright.

John Cena

You Can’t See John Cena, But Someone Has Seen His Facebook Password

By | 15 Comments

It looks like somebody might have hacked John Cena's Facebook profile over the weekend, and you'll never guess what they posted.


A Woman Rejected A Man On Facebook, So He Allegedly Burned Her House Down

By | 7 Comments

Apparently social media is turning us into programmed, emotionless automatons who respond to Facebook rejections with arson.


Why Has Donald Glover Removed Himself Entirely From Social Media?

By | 14 Comments

Donald Glover's rapper alter ego has disappeared almost entirely from Instagram and Twitter. Maybe it's political, maybe it's Maybelline.


Facebook Won’t Give You A Dislike Button, But They Will Give You Something Like It

By | 14 Comments

Facebook will probably never give you a Dislike button... but it will give you more options than just "Like."


Facebook Is Developing A Robot To Keep You From Acting Like An Idiot On Facebook

By | 12 Comments

Facebook is a litany of atrocity tourism, but thanks to AI, soon they may strip out all the fun stuff.


Check Out This Engineer’s Automated Hack That Allows Him To Endlessly Swipe Right On Tinder

By | 7 Comments

If you've ever grown tired of swiping right on Tinder, this engineer may have found the intricate solution for you: robots.


Meet The Man Who Responded To His Mug Shot On The Police Station’s Facebook Page

By | 36 Comments

A man arrested in Ohio responded to the Police's Facebook post about the arrest with his side of the story.

#Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Is Returning To ‘Justified’, Also Comments On Bill Cosby And Twitter

By | 8 Comments

Patton Oswalt said a lot of funny things during a charity fundraiser this weekend. Here's a summary of what we learned.


Idris Elba Claims That Fame Is Great, But It’s Making Him Suspicious Of Everyone


English thespian sometimes thinks his neighbors are out to get him. Maybe they're just trying to prevent more accidental tweeting.


Bill Cosby Asked The Internet To Meme Him. It Didn’t End Well.

By | 21 Comments

Bill Cosby was asking for it, "it" being a meme backfiring on him.


Surreal Ad For ‘Reactvertising’ Skewers Advertisers With Lame Twitter Accounts


Are you tired of ad agencies that hesitate to exploit any trending hashtag? Reactvertising™ is here to shift the f*ck out of your paradigm.


The WWE Employee Who Made A Racist Joke And Got Alberto Del Rio Fired Has Left The Company

By | 13 Comments

Cody Barbierri, the social media manager who made racist jokes and got Alberto Del Rio fired, is no longer with the company.

giant men on tiny airplanes

Apparently The Folks At Iceland Air Are Big Fans Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

By | 6 Comments

Behold, the ballad of The Mountain, a tiny airplane, and Iceland Air's "Game of Thrones" fan social media manager.

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