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Apparently The Folks At Iceland Air Are Big Fans Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Behold, the ballad of The Mountain, a tiny airplane, and Iceland Air's "Game of Thrones" fan social media manager.


Prince Held A Facebook Chat Yesterday And Answered Exactly One Question

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Prince's Facebook chat went exactly how you'd expect a Facebook chat with Prince would go.


NYPD Officers Are Now Being Trained To Be Funnier On Twitter

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The New York Police Department reportedly issued a 34-page handbook to teach officers how to be funnier on Twitter.

#Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Is Back On Twitter, 15 Pounds Lighter And Full Of Renewed Wisdom

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In an essay for TIME, comedian Patton Oswalt described what it was like to step back from Twitter and Facebook for several months.


Watch Adam Sandler Get Serious Again In Jason Reitman’s ‘Men, Women And Children’

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The trailer for Jason Reitman's new film is making me want to delete some texts, just in case.


WWE Fired Alberto Del Rio Because Someone Else Made A Racist Joke At His Expense

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The reason why Alberto Del Rio was fired from WWE has been revealed, and it involves racist jokes. Because of course it does.


Crazy-Ass Scott Steiner Is Surprisingly Dead-On About Pro Wrestling’s Biggest Problems

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Former WCW and WWE star Scott Steiner spoke to the Miami Herald about what's wrong with the wrestling business, and he's shockingly correct.


Finally, Science Has Proven That Women Are Awful To Each Other On Facebook

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Ready for a shock? Women ages 13 to 25 are pretty judgmental!


Vine Fights Satan In A ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Tag Game

Promoted by Deliver Us From Evil

Vine went up against 'Deliver Us From Evil'... guess who won!

your tax dollars at work

The Secret Service Is Building A Sarcasm Detector? Oh, That’ll End Well.

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The Secret Service is such a bunch of stiffs they need a sarcasm detector. No, really. They're buying one.


Patton Oswalt Is Taking The Summer Off From Social Media

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In a post to his Facebook page on Sunday, Patton Oswalt announced he's taking a break from social media because he's "become my own tyrant."


The Creator Of ‘Adventure Time’ Is Running An RPG Via Twitter


Pendleton Ward is playing a text adventure game with all of Twitter.


Anna Kendrick Is A Dog Park Creeper

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Because she's too busy to have a dog, Anna Kendrick hangs out in dog parks "creeping" on other people's dogs.


Facebook Now Allows You To Ask Somebody Their Relationship Status

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Facebook now lets you annoy your friends about their relationship status. But it's not for you. It's for Facebook.


The NYPD Learned That Twitter Hashtag Campaigns Aren’t For Everyone

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People on Twitter turned the NYPD's attempt at a hashtag campaign into an opportunity to post photos of police brutality.


Someone Posted A Photo Of A Model Airplane Impaling A Vagina To The US Airways Twitter Account

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"We're sorry we posted a pic of that girl with a model airplane in her vagina on Twitter" is the new black.


‘Let’s Get Social’ Is The Anthem That Social Media Marketing Gurus Have Waited For

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'Let's Get Social' is apparently a 'humor-laced theme song' for the social media marketing experts of the world.


The US Government Allegedly Built A ‘Cuban Twitter’ As A Tool To Spark A Revolution Against The Castro Regime


The "Cuban Twitter" project is probably the most embarrassing government failure you'll read about this week.

Social Media

Five Things You Shouldn't Do On Social Media On April Fool's Day

By | 3 Comments

If you have to play a prank on social media on April Fool's Day, here's how to make it at least amusing.

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