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oh no

Someone Posted A Photo Of A Model Airplane Impaling A Vagina To The US Airways Twitter Account

By | 17 Comments

"We're sorry we posted a pic of that girl with a model airplane in her vagina on Twitter" is the new black.


‘Let’s Get Social’ Is The Anthem That Social Media Marketing Gurus Have Waited For

By | 6 Comments

'Let's Get Social' is apparently a 'humor-laced theme song' for the social media marketing experts of the world.


The US Government Allegedly Built A ‘Cuban Twitter’ As A Tool To Spark A Revolution Against The Castro Regime

By | 2 Comments

The "Cuban Twitter" project is probably the most embarrassing government failure you'll read about this week.


Five Things You Shouldn't Do On Social Media On April Fool's Day

By | 3 Comments

If you have to play a prank on social media on April Fool's Day, here's how to make it at least amusing.

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30% Of Us Get Our News From Facebook, By Accident


It appears that as we look for cat videos and event invites, Facebook is also accidentally feeding us the news.

of course

Facebook Will Soon Launch Satellites To Make Sure Everyone On Earth Has Access To Facebook


Facebook will soon have an entire air fleet to bring Facebook to the starving people of the world. You know, instead of something they can use.

marketing confusion

The Internet Thinks Facebook Bought A Horror Movie For $2 Billion

By | 2 Comments

Facebook did not buy a horror movie called "Oculus", but this is the Internet. People will get confused anyway.


Taco Bell Is Giving Away A.M. Crunchwrap Bed Sheets And Pajamas

By | 7 Comments

To build up excitement for the launch of its breakfast menu tomorrow, Taco Bell is giving away a bunch of really strange products.


Is Facebook On The Verge Of Accidentally Committing Suicide?

By | 11 Comments

Facebook thinks it's far more indispensable than it actually is. Well, it was fun while it lasted.


What Do People On Twitter Claim That They've Given Up For Lent This Year?

By | 3 Comments

The folks at Open Bible have been tracking what people claim they've given up for Lent on Twitter and the results are rather uninspiring.

here we go again

Facebook’s New News Feed Is The Old News Feed


Facebook is redesigning the site. Again. Sort of. It's complicated.


Twitter Can Track Whether Or Not You Have HIV

By | 3 Comments

Twitter oversharing might finally have a use.

good luck with that

The EU Is Funding A Social Media Lie Detector Called Pheme


Sick of Photoshops and Jimmy Kimmel pranks? Pheme might be the social media lie detector of your dreams.


The Non-Techie’s Guide To Facebook’s $19 Billion Purchase Of WhatsApp

By | 18 Comments

Facebook bought WhatsApp for an enormous amount of money... and that's a bad idea for more reasons than you might think.


Trevor From ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gets A Facebook Look Back Video


Trevor from GTA V was the obvious choice for a raunchy parody of the "Look Back" videos Facebook made for all of us earlier this month.

College Basketball

Rick Pitino Thinks You Should Get Off The Twitter And Start Living Your Life, You Loser

By | 12 Comments

Rick Pitino doesn't care for social media, and thinks that people who read it are underachievers. MY COLUMN:


Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Lovematically Helps You Be Fake Prolific Liker On Social Media

By | 3 Comments

There's nothing quite like an app developer going insane before your eyes, and that's what makes Lovematically so disturbing.

here we go again

The Rumored Twitter Redesign Looks A Lot Like Facebook

By | 4 Comments

We've already seen a Twitter redesign... and now we might be seeing yet another one in short order.


Facebook Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary By Making Personalized Videos For Everyone, Including You

By | 24 Comments

For their anniversary, Facebook has made a schmaltzy personalized video for every member. The video compiles some of your most-liked photos and statuses. In my case, it backfired spectacularly.

nothing lasts forever

Facebook Can Joke About It All It Wants, But It Is Actually Doomed

By | 6 Comments

A Princeton study has compared Facebook to a virus that will soon die off. The analogy is wrong, but the conclusions probably aren't.

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