Joey Chestnut Eats 8 Pounds Of Wings, Gloriously Uses Twitter For Poop Updates


This video is nearly 17 minutes long and is incredibly boring -- at one point the cameraperson seems to forget they're taping a competition at all and just films peoples' shoulders -- but it's necessary to illustrate Joey Chestnut's remarkable win at the 2012 Buffalo Wing Festival, and punctuate what a gross f**king human being he is.


The Only Way To Beat Kobayashi Is To Cheat


On Tuesday, Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas won the Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Championship with a world record 5.25 pounds of turkey downed in ten minutes.


Have A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving, And For God’s Sake Use A Fork

With Leather will be updating sporadically tomorrow, but chances are we'll be spending most of my second least-favorite holiday* with our families.


Joey Chestnut Lost To A Woman


Sonya Thomas has been a hot name on the professional food eating circuit as of late.

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