Byrdgang & Run TMC: Six Peas In The Same Pod

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Byrdgang's brief run prior to Stacks' passing and Jim and Max's falling out provided some of New York's finest and still under-documented music of the 2000s.

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Stack Bundles – “U Can’t Stop Me” (Prod. By Kanye West)

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"In the hood I had the most anticipated release since Mike Tyson.

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On Potential And When Byrdgang Flew High

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<a href=""> "We out on the road enjoyin' our wealth Around the globe our stories are felt Cause I can do bad by myself I'ma survive with my n*ggas help My n*ggas gon' ride with no safety belt Cause I can I do bad by myself..." The time was 2006 and the institution known as the Diplomats stood at a peculiar fork in the road. Rumors of a break up ran rampant and the diminishing frequency of seeing Cam and Jimmy in unison only reinforced Hip Hop conspiracy theorists' claims. And ironically, different members were branching out in attempts to begin their own crusade using the same principles which made Dipset so culturally successful. Like I've said <a href="">over</a> and <a href="">over</a> again, Jim Jones, of all people, played rap's Mel Kiper landing him the best draft class of any Diplomat.

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Stack Bundles – Salute Me (The Lost Tapes)

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<a href=""> For everything Big L represents for the '90s, Stack Bundles' reputation bears a direct resemblance as a fierce emcee who had every ear within shouting distance during the mid-'00s. Presented by Supterstar J and Snatchatape, the Stack's name & music keep living through Salute Me (The Lost Tapes), which serves as no better way to celebrate the Far Rock rapper's born day. <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">Supterstar J and Snatchatape Present Stack Bundles - Salute Me (The Lost Tapes)</a> | <a href="">Alt. Link</a> Props to <a href="">Mr. X</a>.


Lupe The Gangsta…

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Drew over at <a href="">Fake Shore Drive</a> is like a magnet to everything Chicago.

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A.Pinks – “Hit The Lights (I’m On)” Video

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Out of several videos that most recently hit the net, I decided to go with this A.

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