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Please Allow Stephen Colbert In A ZZ Top Beard To Have The Final Word On The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy

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Stephen Colbert talking lady parts versus man parts and attributing the bible with vagina quotes should end this for everyone.

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Stephen Colbert Offers Some Terrible Business Advice Capable Of Making Even Bank Of America Worse


Stephen Colbert is happy to help some of the world's largest companies be even more terrible, free of charge.


Stephen Colbert Has An Adorable Plan To Fight Google’s Terrifying New Robot Army

By | 3 Comments

Google's acquisition of a robotics company might have you concerned, but fear not: Stephen Colbert has a plan.

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Colbert Supports Fox News’ Anti-Charity Push Because That’s What Jesus Would Do

By | 78 Comments

Bill O'Reilly claims that Jesus would not approve of government assistance for the poor. Stephen Colbert naturally backs him on this.


Stephen Colbert Dressed Up Like A Dandy To Announce His Cameo In ‘The Hobbit’ On ‘Letterman’

By | 3 Comments

Check Out Stephen Colbert's Hobbit announcement on 'Letterman' and marvel at his skills as a master of disguise.


Stephen Colbert Interviewed The Denver Post’s Marijuana Editor Via Satellite From ‘Bongistan’ Last Night

By | 7 Comments

How does one get the job of "marijuana editor?" Work in the music department, naturally.

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Stephen Colbert Wasn’t Impressed By Amazon’s Drone Delivery Concept, So He Came Up With Something Better

By | 2 Comments

Concerned about the lackluster speed of the drone delivery concept, Colbert came up with a fresh pitch for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


Naturally, Stephen Colbert Had Something Hilarious To Say About The GOP Congressman Caught In A Coke Bust

By | 4 Comments

Tea Party Congressman Trey Radel pled guilty this week to purchasing an 8-ball of cocaine from an undercover cop. Cue Stephen Colbert.

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Stephen Colbert Playfully Mocked All Of Rick Santorum’s Beliefs In The Weirdest Interview On TV Last Night

By | 37 Comments

National Treasure Stephen Colbert somehow manages to balance a comedy persona and legitimate journalism at once.

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John Lithgow, Katie Couric, & The Black Keys Competed To Give Stephen Colbert A Prostate Exam Last Night


Not to be outdone by Matt Lauer's live on-air prostate exam, American hero Stephen Colbert upped the ante last night.


The Guy In The Broncos Jersey Stole Colbert’s Segment On Colorado Drone Hunting

By | 4 Comments

The Colbert Report took to Deer Trail, Colorado last night to get the full story on that Drone Hunting novelty ordinance.

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Sam Waterston Helps Stephen Colbert Mock ’60 Minutes’ Over Its Benghazi Report

By | 9 Comments

Stephen Colbert also poked some fun at 60 Minutes last night, and he did so with the help of Sam Waterston from The Newsroom.


Louis C.K.’s Reading Of The Gettysburg Address Has Nothing On Stephen Colbert’s

By | 2 Comments

If only the teacher who taught you the Gettysburg Address had been Stephen Colbert.


The ‘Colbert Report’ Took On The Miami Dolphins & Washington Redskins Controversies Last Night

By | 7 Comments

Stephen Colbert weighed in on the media's reaction to the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins on last night's episode of The Colbert Report.

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Well Of Course Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Made Fun Of Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Last Night

By | 4 Comments

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both opened their shows with segments on Rob Ford's crack smoking admission, and did so rather hilariously.

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