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Under The Dome CBS

Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ Coming To CBS

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Don't look now, but even CBS is getting into the big-budget, serialized, post-apocalyptic drama game. Starting next summer, the network will begin airing "Under the Dome," based on a novel by Steven King and produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television.


Carrie Remake Trailer: Chloe Moretz goes to blood prom

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After the first few images leaked yesterday, today we have the teaser trailer for the remake of Stephen King's Carrie, directed by <a href="" target="_blank">Kimberly Peirce</a> (Boys Don't Cry) and starring Chloë Moretz.


Totally Unnecessary Shining Sequel To Be Released Next Year

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'The Shining' is getting a sequel. No, we will not be making an electric boogaloo joke.

Akiva Goldsman

'The Dark Tower' May Be Resurrected By The Studio Behind 'Ted'

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Warner Brothers just passed on developing Ron Howard's 'The Dark Tower' movie trilogy and TV show, but this gunslinger ain't dead yet.

Akiva Goldsman

‘The Dark Tower’ May Be Back On With Russell Crowe In The Lead

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The very long saga of The Dark Tower's movie and TV development is hitting a new level of complication like Russell Crowe hits concierges.


When Highbrow Meets The Lowest Of Brows: 15 GIFs Of Famous Writers

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Christopher Hitchens: The GIF > Christopher Hitchens: The Person

Akiva Goldsman

Warner Brothers Resurrects The Dark Tower, And Javier Bardem May Still Star


If you've already been following the development of the three movies and two seasons of a TV show based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower, then you can skip past the rest of this long paragraph.

Akiva Goldsman

The Dark Tower Is Coming To HBO, Says Producer Brian Grazer


Just recently, The Dark Tower producer Brian Grazer <a href="">said</a> they had shaved $45 million out of the first movie's budget to help it get made after Universal dropped the project over cost concerns.


Warner Wants Ben Affleck To Direct The Stand, And We Want A Pony

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Back in August, we <a href="">reported</a> the team behind Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves) were chosen by Warner Brothers to adapt Stephen King's 1,152-page-long The Stand into a multi-film series.


Ben Affleck to direct Stephen King’s The Stand. Wait, what?

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Last we heard, WB's plan to adapt Stephen King's The Stand was for multiple movies to be directed by Harry Potter's David Yates.


Stephen King Is Writing a Sequel to “The Shining?”


No, sadly, it's not called "The Shinning.


The Dark Tower Has Pretty Cool Fan Art

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Last time we discussed Ron Howard’s desire to bring Stephen King’s Dark Tower series to both the big screen and television, the project had <a href="">aired its death rattle</a>.


Deathly Hallows Film Team To Take On Stephen King's The Stand

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Stephen King movies typically fall into two categories: "classic films that everyone should see" and "ridiculously horrible movies that make you wish it was possible to remove the last two hours of your life.


Rights bought to Stephen King's time travel novel about the JFK assassination. Wait, what?

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Scientifically speaking, I believe that if Stephen King doesn't write at least 100 pages a day, he'll start biting himself like a shark (sharks do that, right.

Akiva Goldsman

The Dark Tower Has Fallen

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A couple months ago Universal and Ron Howard's development of Stephen King's The Dark Tower Now Universal has passed on The Dark Tower and on Guillermo del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness adaptation over concerns about the cost, and yet they're still paying over $200 million for a movie <a href="">based on a board game</a> directed by Peter Berg (Hancock) and starring Taylor Kitsch.

Akiva Goldsman

The Dark Tower Hits A Snag. Will Javier Bardem Bail?


Earlier this month <a href="">Deadline</a> reported Universal had placed the pre-production staff on hiatus for Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, and Brian Grazer's adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

Akiva Goldsman

Javier Bardem Closing In On The Dark Tower

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Back in January we <a href="../2011/01/javier-bardem-could-be-the-dark-towers-roland">reported</a> Javier Bardem was being sought to play Roland Deschain in the film trilogy and TV adaptation of Steven King's Dark Tower series.



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It was reported soon after the first season of "The Walking Dead" concluded late last year that the entire writing staff of the AMC hit was being cleared out for possibly being too good at their job.

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