Still Standing

Sound Breakdown: Mr. DJ’s “Black Ice (Sky High)”


Looking back on the beat behind Goodie Mob's 1998 single.

Still Standing

“All They Do Is This…”


The remaining members of Goodie Mob were dead wrong for signing off on this promo pic during the One Monkey.

Still Standing

The Ni##a Experience…


Is it a safe assumption that Cee-Lo was more persuasive in getting his ethnic points across in one verse than Nas was in an entire album? Better believe that Slick… In what was possibly the most responsible abuse of the word "nigga" ever witnessed in a song, (Lo dropped approximately 30 N-bombs in under 3 minutes), the prelude for Goodie Mo-B's sophomore stride served not only as an immediate attention grabber, but as an internal analysis of one of the most controversial words this world has ever encountered.

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