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Freddie Gibbs – “Rock Bottom” Video

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<a href=""> Even with so many top-notch choices to choose from, "Rock Bottom" still remains my personal favorite from the Str8 Killa saga. It wasn't so much the genuine expression of his methodical Catch-22 where coping with depression through substance abuse that won me over. It was more so that <a href="">Gangsta Gibbs</a> wickedly slayed a track that perfectly fit his gravely understated baritone as it was slowed down to the proper BPM to allow his flow to really highlight his full potential.


Video: Freddie Gibbs “The Coldest” x “Learn To Duck” In-Studio Performance

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<a href=""> <a href="">Freddie Gibbs</a> and I rarely see eye to eye as it relates to sports so I have yet to get at him about last Sunday's NFC Championship game.

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Freddie Gibbs – “Oil Money” Video

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While LeBron bolted for South Beach this summer, another all-star team was forming in LBJ's former region: the Rust Belt (and Austin, TX) super squad of Freddie Gibbs, Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B and The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach.

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Freddie Gibbs – Str8 Killa No Filla (No DJ)

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<a href=""> Journey with Gary, Indiana's finest 360° on the authentic gangsta tip. The <a href="">OG mixtape</a> was a rawer-than-sushi shootout designed for your weed smokin' joyrides through the mind of the methodical genius.


The Baby-Faced Killa Murders Mixtape Monday

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<a href=""> Let the record show that this will be my first and last time referring to <a href="">Gangsta Gibbs</a> as The Baby-Faced Killa (regardless if the project manifests or not).

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The Str8 Killa Block Party

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<a href=""> Can't get enough Str8 Killa? Can't say we blame you. And in so happen to be in a L.A. state of mind, consider yourself very lucky. From 3-6 p.m. today at The Originators Store (7600 Melrose #H, Los Angeles, CA 90046 for you Mapquest types), Freddie Gibbs and TSS will be hosting an in-store with our friends at Decon Media and BallerStatus as they'll unveil The Originators x Freddie Gibbs t-shirt. There will be complimentary beverages, 20% off everything in the store and plenty of personal O.G. being passed (I'm sure). Go out and support the <a href="">Str8 Killa EP</a> and check out The Originators' <a href="">official site</a>.

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Freddie Gibbs – “Do Wrong, Part 2″ Video

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<a href=""> Visceral verses, a moving soul-man act on the hook, and a smooth cruiser of a beat courtesy of Burn One. All the right elements that make both iterations of “Do Wrong” a signature standout from <a href="">Gangsta Gibbs</a>, and thus, why my crew at <a href="">Scheme Engine</a> (formerly North Tower Media) were moved to make a narrative piece that would hopefully do the song justice.

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BTS: Freddie Gibbs’ “Oil Money” Video

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<a href=""> A nice dose of behind the scenes footage from Freddie's upcoming "Oil Money" video. Here we finally have some behind the scenes footage from the “Oil Money” video shoot that went down in Austin, TX during SXSW. All emcees were on hand to film the clip which is being put together by GL Joe & HYSTK. No word on when the official official is set to drop, but this should hold you over for now. Shouts to Rich Parry (of the Blended Babies) on the narration. The real magic of this clip happens about 4:00 in when Chicago photographer Mattias has an encounter with an Austin police officer. Word to the wise: leave the Lego guns at home, kids. <a href="">[FSD]</a> I stumbled onto the set for this video and the real magic was the fact that all these rappers were bright-eyed and up early after rocking SXSW stages the night before.

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Freddie Gibbs – “National Anthem” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Str8 Killa </a> has murdered my desire to listen to anything but Freddie Gibbs for a long time.


Freddie Gibbs Live At S.O.B.’s

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<a href=""> Sponsored by <a href="">XXL</a>, <a href="">Decon</a> and TSS, Gibbs will be headlining @ S.

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The Str8 Killa PSA

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Starting next week, we'll all be treated to not one but two releases from Freddie Gibbs in a matter of days.

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Complex Previews Free Gibbs’ Str8 Killa EP

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<a href=""> Last week, Freddie and the team held a listening session for his upcoming Straight Killa EP and, while we couldn't make it, our friends @ <a href="">Complex</a> did, bringing back a short report.

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