One Of Katy Perry’s Dancers Used Being A Shark As A Tinder Pickup Line

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Hey, if you were one of Katy Perry's shark dancers, you'd use your job as a pickup line, too.


Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Settled Their Super Bowl Bet The Awesome Way

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The bet has finally been settled between two members of Marvel's collection of guys named Chris, and it's ending exactly as it should.


‘Madden 15′ Predicted The Exact Score Of The Super Bowl. Wizardry!

By | 8 Comments

EA Games has some explaining to do about how they pulled off this wizardry.


WWE’s Version Of The #LikeAGirl Super Bowl Commercial Is Empowering (Just Don’t Read The Comments)

By | 117 Comments

WWE had the women of NXT do their own version of the Always #LikeAGirl commercial and the results are powerful, but don't ask YouTube.


The Best Twitter Reactions To Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance

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Katy Perry flew around on the 'The More You Know' star and we all saw it.

seventh son

What’s Up With That Super Bowl Spot For ‘Seventh Son’, AKA ‘Jeff Bridges: Dragon Fighter’?


Here's the inexplicable Super Bowl ad for 'Jeff Bridges: Dragon Fighter' -- er, we mean, 'Seventh Son'.


Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Are Being Awesome At The Super Bowl Together

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The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Captain America' stars put aside their charitable rivalry to watch the game.

#Breaking Bad

Heisenberg Lives In Bryan Cranston’s Super Bowl Esurance Commerical

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'Breaking Bad' returns...to shill insurance during the Super Bowl. We'll take it.

#Chris Pratt

This Is How Chris Pratt Explains Seahawks Super Bowl Strategy To Anna Faris

By | 3 Comments

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are going to have the best Super Bowl party.


Here Are The Precautions The NFL’s Taking For The Super Bowl Game Balls

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The NFL's totally going to check all the balls this time you guys. They swear.

#Game of Thrones

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Weekend IMAX Limited Run Earned Some Really Big Numbers

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The final two episodes of the show's fourth season garnered a higher per-screen average than 'American Sniper'.


Someone In Phoenix Distributed Educational Flyers Explaining Football Deflation With ‘A Little Math & Physics’

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The pamphlet claims it's just a little math and physics, but the numbers and letters used are awfully big.

#Key And Peele

‘Key & Peele’ Give Marshawn Lynch And Richard Sherman The Joint Press Conference They Deserve

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'Key & Peele' provide the perfect parody to Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch's battle with the media before Super Bowl XLIX.


Check Out Rob Gronkowski’s Party Bus, The ‘One Thing’ He Really Wanted With His New Contract

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Gronk also has a driver called "Goon" who drives him wherever he wants to go. For example, Arizona.


Here’s The Super Bowl Trailer For ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Before It Airs


Watch the new trailer for 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' before it airs on Super Bowl Sunday.

2015 Super Bowl

Katy Perry’s Surprise Super Bowl Halftime Guest Is Reportedly… Missy Elliott!

By | 12 Comments

Missy Elliott will make an appearance during Katy Perry's much-hyped Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday.

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