What If The NFL Played In The Star Wars Universe?

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Star Wars fan John Raya illustrated NFL helmets if they were from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Ratings For The Super Bowl Were Down From Last Year

By | 16 Comments

Turns out people DON'T love watching blowouts.


The Seattle Seahawks Congratulated WWE’s Daniel Bryan On Their Super Bowl Win

By | 9 Comments

The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl and tweeted at noted Seahawks fan and WWE People's Hero Daniel Bryan.

super bowl halftime show

Bruno Mars: Good At Dancing, Bad At Super Bowl Halftime Shows

By | 60 Comments

Like the game itself, Bruno Mars was a boring Super Bowl halftime performer.


The 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Lead-Out Programs

By | 25 Comments

A look back at the best and most memorable television episodes to air after the Super Bowl.


The 5 Best Advice Animal Memes To Come Out Of The Super Bowl XLVIII

By | 3 Comments

The one thing about a lousy Super Bowl is at least some creative Redditors will be creating new Advice Animals to go along with it.


Prophet David E Taylor Predicated Super Bowl XLVIII Using Dreams. Really, Really Badly.

By | 12 Comments

Prophet and minister David E Taylor used the power of God and his messages through dreams to predict a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win. Whoops!


FOX News Called Erin Andrews A ‘Television Performer’ (To Her Face)

By | 12 Comments

During an interview with FOX News, Erin Andrews was declared a "television performer." Also a journalist, but with a lot of head-bobbing.


Hillary Clinton Took A Shot At Fox News On Twitter During The Super Bowl


Hillary Clinton tweeted with fire whilst watching Fox's Super Bowl coverage. Hilldawg's still got it.


DINOBOTS! ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Expels A Super Bowl Spot

By | 20 Comments

Here's the Super Bowl teaser for 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'. It has Dinobots, base-jumping robots, and absolutely no Shia LaBeouf!

#The Amazing Spider Man 2

The ‘Spider-Man 2′ Super Bowl Spot Is Here And It’s ‘Amazing’

By | 8 Comments

Come and watch part 2 of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Super Bowl spot. It's AMAZING!


The ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Super Bowl Trailer Is Here!

By | 23 Comments

The new trailer for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' just aired on the Fox Sports website as advertised by a Super Bowl teaser.


Which Girl’s Guide To The Super Bowl Is More Condescending?

By | 13 Comments

Apparently women can't enjoy the Super Bowl without a guide.


Here’s The Best Super Bowl Prank Video You’ll See Today

By | 2 Comments

Watch these Super Bowl fans get pranked by 2 guys taking trash about their teams to their faces. Some of them don't have a sense of humor. Probably the mustaches? Definitely the mustaches.


No, The Simpsons Did Not Predict The Super Bowl Nine Years Ago


The Simpsons has done many great things, but it didn't pick this year's Super Bowl nine years ago.

#jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Mashes All Of The Super Bowl Ads Into One Video


Jimmy Kimmel mashes all of the Super Bowl ads together to remind us of the brands that dominate us during the game. Mmmmm, Beer.


The 10 Food Essentials Every Super Bowl Party Needs


It doesn't matter if you're into the game or just watch for the commercials, wings and cheese dip unite us all.


Remember To Breathe As You Watch This GoPro Space Jump Super Bowl Ad


Felix Baumgartner makes his record breaking Red Bull Stratos space jump while attached to GoPro cameras. Hang on to everything.


Weekend Preview: Two Hours Of Awesome Commercials (Also, A Football Game)

By | 20 Comments

Highlights include The Super Bowl, 'Sherlock' season finale, Prince on 'New Girl,' and Seth Meyers' last episode on 'Saturday Night Live.'

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