Superstar J

Consequence x Superstar J x DJ Love Dinero – Curb Certified Mixtape

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Your last memories of <a href="">Consequence</a> may be of him being enamored with ruffling the feathers of Kanye, but when your skill set is a sharp as a syringe tip, no distractions can quell your desire to keep the block flooded with material.

Superstar J

Stack Bundles – Salute Me (The Lost Tapes)

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<a href=""> For everything Big L represents for the '90s, Stack Bundles' reputation bears a direct resemblance as a fierce emcee who had every ear within shouting distance during the mid-'00s. Presented by Supterstar J and Snatchatape, the Stack's name & music keep living through Salute Me (The Lost Tapes), which serves as no better way to celebrate the Far Rock rapper's born day. <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">Supterstar J and Snatchatape Present Stack Bundles - Salute Me (The Lost Tapes)</a> | <a href="">Alt. Link</a> Props to <a href="">Mr. X</a>.

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