Bill Burr Jokes About Christianity And Escaping Zombies In This Teaser For His New Netflix Special

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Comedian talks about population control, zombies, and the story of Scientology in his Netflix special, out December 5.


‘Jeopardy’ Chat Got AWKWARD AS HELL When A Contestant Accused Trebek Of Wearing Suits Made In Sweatshops

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"Jeopardy" chat + Sweatshop labor + Trebek's fancy suits = One of the more awkward moments you'll ever see.


American Apparel's Latest Ad Campaign Is Using Breasts To Fight Sweat Shops

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In a new American Apparel ad, we meet a model named Maks, who is topless to oppose sweatshops and sell high waist jeans.


Amazon.com Warehouses Still Aren’t Very Pleasant Places To Work, FYI

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If you're hoping to not feel guilty about ordering holiday gifts online from Amazon, you should probably stop reading this post now.


Marvel’s Offices Are Kind of a Sweatshop?


Marvel is the number one publisher of comic books in America.



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Marvel has reportedly started a writer's program, putting "more than a half dozen" writers on full-time staff and giving them their own offices with a plan to "work them like horses.

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