Taco Bell’s Second Annual ‘Friendsgiving’ Feast Included Some Ridiculous Food

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Taco Bell invited its so-called closest friends to its headquarters for a 'Friendsgiving' feast of epic proportions.


Frowny-Faced Bicyclist Arrested For Allegedly Ordering Taco Bell Drive-Thru, Resisting Arrest

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If his mugshot is any indication, Grumpy Cat has taken on a human form without the help of Aubrey Plaza.


Taco Bell’s New App Is Going To Change The Way We Order Tacos Forever

By | 23 Comments

Thanks to Taco Bell's new iPhone and Android app, customers can order whatever they want with any ingredients from their phones.


The CEO Of Chipotle Thinks Competition From Taco Bell And Rival Fast Food Chains Is ‘A Joke’

By | 8 Comments

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells isn't worried about Taco Bell or other fast food chains taking away any of their business.


Taco Bell Is Trying Out Some New Sriracha Items In Kansas City

By | 7 Comments

With the breakfast and dollar menus running strong, the next step for Taco Bell might be a new Sriracha-inspired menu.

national coffee day

Celebrate National Coffee Day With A Brief But Perky Ranking Of Fast Food Java

By | 6 Comments

Which fast food joints and chains have the best coffee? Get ready to debate our rankings for National Coffee Day.


The Newest Addition To Taco Bell’s Breakfast Arsenal Might Be A Biscuit Taco

By | 6 Comments

The scientists at Taco Bell's test kitchen are currently trying out a biscuit taco to join the popular breakfast menu.


A Very Thorough And Painfully Scientific Review Of Taco Bell’s New Dollar Menu

By | 52 Comments

Taco Bell has rolled out a brand new dollar menu, but is it any good?


Because Fake Mexican Food Isn’t Enough, Two Taco Bells in New York Have Been Giving Customers Fake Money

By | 7 Comments

A lawsuit alleges two Taco Bell locations in New York City have been using counterfeit money.


Oh Nothing, Just A Bride Ordering From The Taco Bell Drive-Thru In Her Wedding Dress

By | 9 Comments

Sometimes a newly-married woman just needs to grab some Taco Bell, even if it means walking up to the Drive-Thru in her wedding dress.


David Letterman And Jason Segel Debating Sandwiches And Burritos Was The Best Thing On TV Last Night

By | 3 Comments

Please enjoy several glorious minutes of bullsh*tting about food rankings, Taco Bell, and how to eat chips at a Mexican restaurant.


This Guy Filmed His Interaction With A Very Drunk Charlie Sheen Outside Taco Bell

By | 42 Comments

Is Charlie Sheen still #winning if he's getting plastered at Taco Bell?


Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes Are Today’s Reason For Giving Up

By | 4 Comments

Don't look now, but there's something terrible baking in the oven.


Taco Bell’s Mad Scientists Merged A Burrito And Quesadilla To Make A ‘Quesarito’

By | 16 Comments

To prove that simply combining two existing foods gets people way too excited, Taco Bell is rolling out the Quesarito.


The People Behind Taco Bell Might Be Bringing Us A Vietnamese Banh Mi Chain, Yay?

By | 3 Comments

Taco Bell's parent company, Yum! Brands is going to be testing a Banh Mi sandwich shop near SMU's campus in Dallas.


Taco Bell Now Wants To Be Completely Transparent About Its So-Called Beef

By | 15 Comments

Despite coming clean about the contents of its beef in 2011, Taco Bell has added a new section on its website that explains everything.


Polish Your Monocles, Because Taco Bell Is Going Fancy On Our Asses

By | 19 Comments

Taco Bell is going after the Chipotle crowd now with a new restaurant in Huntington Beach known as the U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Tap Room.


Burger King Ventures Into The Fast Food Breakfast Wars With Their New $1 Value Menu

By | 5 Comments

Breakfast Wars are getting real. Burger King steps in with their new dollar menu.


Meet The Florida Man Who Fell Asleep Drunk Behind The Wheel Clutching A Burrito

By | 4 Comments

A Florida man was arrested after he was found passed out behind the wheel holding a half-eaten burrito. Ain't nobody like Taco Bell the way drunk people like Taco Bell.

why god why?

A Very Thorough And Painfully Scientific Review Of The Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

By | 74 Comments

Before you drive over to Taco Bell and order up a Waffle Taco, here's a very thorough review of the complete breakfast menu.

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