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That Was Fast: Instagram Will Not Sell Your Awful Photos Without Telling You


Gee, Instagram backed down? We're shocked, in that way where we totally saw this coming.

i see this ending in fire

Instagram To Its Users: Go F*%k Yourselves!

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Instagram has new terms of service! And it's a Facebook company! So they're pretty much pure evil!


Google Drive Is Totally Going To Take Your Stuff


Well, at least according to the Terms of Service.

better to ask forgiveness than permission

Are Your Apps Spying On You? Yeah, Probably.


<a href="">A photo-sharing app swiping your entire address book.</a>  <a href="">The Carrier IQ scandal</a>.


Lying On Your Online Dating Profile? The Government May Be Coming For You


We understand that the governments of the world are a little behind on this whole "internet" thing, what with trying to censor it and pass laws that allow people to shut down a site in the blink of an eye and all that, but you'd think that they would at least be aware that <a href=";cnetRiver">prosecuting over the Terms of Service on a website is, well, pointless</a>.

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