The 58's Mixtape

The 58’s – “The Realness” Video

Harder than the blackest asphalt, The 58's stayed true to their character, as heard on their self-titled debut.

The 58's Mixtape

The 58’s – The 58’s Mixtape


Regardless of how much talent a Hip-Hop collective has, the movement won't go far if there isn't chemistry already bonded in the relationship. It's happened time and time...and time again. Thankfully for Pittsburgh's The 58's, the same camaraderie that unites them in the rhyme booth is identical to what ignited their friendship to begin with. B. White and his crew - consisting of Franchise, Vinny Radio, Ghosty, Mayo, and Primavera Vills - are a colorful bunch, a pack of blue-collared rhymers with an abundance of green in their pipes with the finest J├Ąger and beer filling their cups to match the Steelers paraphernalia.

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