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Frotcast 127: Extended Thanksgiving Special with Matt Ufford

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here</a> (right-click, "save as.


The Internet's Love Affair With Andrew Bynum, Human Cartoon Character

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NBA legend and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal, in his neverending quest to completely besmirch Dwight Howard, once said that Andrew Bynum was the best big man in the league.


The Dude Behind 'The Dude'


Sundance Award-winning director Jeff Feuerzeig reveals the inspiration for the beloved central character in the Coen Brothers' cult-favorite film The Big Lebowski.


Miley Cyrus is Watching You Poop & Your Morning Links

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[via <a href="" target="_blank">RoboShark</a>] MORNING LINKS PICTURE: Avengers in High School – Hawkeye had a bomb-ass flat top mullet |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| 12 Steps to Making the Next Season of ‘The Office’ More Watchable |<a href="" target="blank">Warming Glow</a>| Listen to us pitch Wet Dream on Elm Street director Lee Roy Myers our porn parody ideas.

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Film's Finest Beards Get The Fan Art They Deserve

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I'm a sucker for <a href="" target="_blank">pop culture art</a> and all things facial hair (even on ladies as long as they're introduced as "handsome"), so <a href="" target="_blank">Beards by Chris Thornley</a> couldn't be more up my alley.


Supercut: Great 'Dudes' In Film History (AKA The Dudercut)

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"Dude" is easily the most overused colloquialism of the past twenty years.

BEST OF 2011

The 20 Most Important GIFs Of 2011

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Just to be clear, by "most important" I clearly mean "most important to UPROXX.


The Dude Abides At The Day Care (And Links)


EveryTweet_Ever Is Aptly Named, Hilarious |UPROXX| Video: The Top 50 Moments Of The NBA Lockout Games |Smoking Section| Jean-Ralphio: The Greatest Thing to Happen to Romance Since Color Me Badd |Warming Glow| Full trailer for Tim & Eric movie: Robert Loggia cuts off [...].


The Good Times Movie Poster Illustrations Of Olaf Cuadras Ferré


Black Friday is for leftovers, SEC football, and movie marathons.


‘Big Lebowski’ Folgers Donny Blend Coffee Grounds


I always assumed it must have sucked to go from dying a glorious woodchipper death in one quintessential Coen Brothers movie to being mostly an afterthought and setting up epic John Goodman tirades in another.


The Best Of ‘Quentin vs. Coen’ Fan Art Masterpieces


<a href="" target="_blank">San Francisco's Spoke Art Gallery</a> <a href="" target="_blank">just completed</a> a three city tour of their "Quentin Vs.

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Owner of New York’s Lebowski Store Responds to Missing Cat Allegations

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Last October, I <a href="" target="_blank">wrote about a store </a>in New York called The Little Lebowski Shop, dedicated to all things Big Lebowski-related.


Ben & Jerry’s Dude Food: The Dude Abides


Our friend <a href="!/jonnyetc" target="_blank">Jon Defreest</a> is back with another fictional and delcious-sounding pop culture Ben & Jerry's flavor (previously: <a href="" target="_blank">Dexter's "Miami Slice"</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Ron Swanson's "All of the Bacon and Eggs You Have"</a>) that I'm certain would become Vermont's Finest's all-time best seller if it ever went into production.


The Big Lebowski Meets The Old Masters In The Work Of Joe Forkan

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<a href="">Joe Forkan</a>'s "The Lebowski Cycle" series of paintings opened last Saturday at the Frank M.


Kick@ss Movie GIF Photosets: Part Two

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It's time for our second installment of <a href="" target="blank">Kick @ss Movie GIF Photosets</a>.


The Dude Says ‘Hello From Vagina Land’


Going into Monday I didn't intend for it to be "Week of the Dude," but if there was ever anyone I'd be happy to unintentionally dedicate the week to it's Jeff Bridges.


The Big Lebowski Cast Reunion Was A Wonderful Thing


I'm still in the process of absorbing <a href="" target="_blank">the full Big Lebowski Cast Reunion Q&A</a> with Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, and ("You said it man") John Turturro.

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