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“Pretty Boy Swag” – Review Of Soulja Boy’s The DeAndre Way

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<a href=""> His career has all but been cited as a referendum on the exemplification of the parodied rapper. Despite the level of success, the level of scrutiny always characterizes the elephant in the room when your every move is ran through a Hip-Hop microscope. Such is life when you're the genre's first Internet superstar and <a href="">Soulja Boy</a> has tasted his fair share of salt to go with his sugar.

The DeAndre Way

Soulja Boy Tell’Em Feat. Lil B – “30 Thousand, 100 Million” Video

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<a href=""> Word around town is Soulja Boy and Lil B can't count worth a damn. At least, that's the perception they're giving on their latest mashup which implores "Pretty Boy Swag's" bassline with some horrible algebra. Hey kids, don't follow these dopes; thirty thousand, one hundred million is not a real number. For educational purposes, let's write it out: 30,000.100,000,000 Just a fair warning. If you put that on your next math quiz, your teacher is liable to smack you. These guys don't need to know how to add anyway. The money will pile up to uncountable amounts because you're going to <a href="">buy three copies</a> of The Deandre Way, right.

The DeAndre Way

Soulja Boy Tell’Em – “Speakers Going Hammer” Video

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<a href=""> Try as you might, it's really hard to hate on this guy. Yeah, he may be <a href="">in love with a slore</a> and his raps may be monosyllabic, but Soulja Boy entertains us all with his antics.

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