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It Will Be A Long Time Before The Internet Forgives Lance Armstrong

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The International Cycling Union has decided that based on the findings of the U.


Mila Kunis Is Not A Fan Of The Internet

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Mila Kunis hates this internet. However, this will not stop the internet from trying to love Mila Kunis. High school never ends.

not sure if prank or real Wants You To Abuse Yourself For Social Justice


Yes, it really is called, and its mission is exactly what it sounds like.


Inspirational Soccer Story Slash Facebook Advertisement Of The Day: Daniel Cui


Sandwiched between Gangnam Style parodies on <a href="" target="_blank">The Daily What</a> is the inspirational story of high school goalkeeper Daniel Cui, a kid who turned soccer futility into 10th grade popularity, and eventually into an advertisement about how Facebook changes peoples' lives.


Cowboys.Com Now A Gay Dating Site, Still More About Football Than Browns.Com

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The Dallas Cowboys have mastered The Internet, but not in the way they'd intended.


The Real Winner Of The 2012 Summer Olympics? Fans Of Camel Toe

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You know, I'm a little disappointed in myself, because I told myself last week, "Burnsy, you're special, you're a winner, don't listen to those mean commenters, and.


The Best Of Brooklyn Decker On DeviantArt

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While gathering material for last week's <a href="" target="_blank">Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt</a> gallery, I noticed a lot of mislabeled pictures of Kate as "Brooklyn Decker", because <a href="" target="_blank">people seriously cannot tell them apart</a>.


The Very Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt

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Yesterday I wrote a little about sexy Australian hurdler <a href="" target="_blank">Michelle Jenneke</a>, and how we'd <a href="" target="_blank">helped make her life miserable</a> by exposing her to the creepy nooks of sexy and parody on the Internet.


The Wall Street Journal Thinks The Free Market Would Have Invented The Internet

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The Internet, especially the underlying technology of the Internet, was built by governments. This is not something that Rupert Murdoch-owned bastion of capitalism, the Wall Street Journal, wants to hear.


Internet Raises Over $200K For Bullied School Bus Monitor

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Every now and then I get down on this whole internet thing, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.


People Hate French Films So Much They Don't Even Want to Steal Them


<a href=""></a>Gaumont is a major player in the French film industry, which means.


Diamondbacks Fan Catches Foul Ball, Maintains Pizza Integrity

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He asked Domino's if he could keep the ball, but they said "no".


French Anti-Piracy Laws Can't Save Music Sales


<a href=""></a>France hates the Internet, <a href="">something we've firmly established in the past</a>.


Senate Caps Crowdfunding, Because That Was Necessary

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Were you worried about the potential for fraud in crowdfunding.


Pakistan Hates America So Much They Ironically Win Free Speech Victory


<a href=""></a>Uh, yay, democracy -- sort of.


Anonymous Set To Release Symantec’s Source Code, For LOLs


<a href=""></a>Let's just clear this up right now: Anti-virus software can be useful, but it's in a <a href="">constant</a> <a href="">battle</a> with hackers, constantly playing catch-up with new viruses, and security researchers pretty consistently find ways to get around these programs.

couples makes a great bingo

‘Words With Friends’ Has Its First Marriage


<a href=""></a>You really haven't made it in the social networking game until you do two things: Cause a marriage by bringing two random people together, and irrevocably ruin one by revealing one or both spouses are cheating.


Verisign Wants To Be Able to Kill Your Website At Will


So, Verisign, a name you see on a lot of shopping sites, wants to be able to shut down websites dealing out malware as a default.

The Internet Loves Shark Week, Obviously


Hey, you guys, have you heard that it's Shark Week.

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