The Left

The Left – “The Melody”

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<a href=""> "And I know so much better, and Lord knows if my words don't come together, just listen to the melody 'cause my love is in there." These words preface and set the tone for "The Melody," the latest single off <a href="">The Left's</a> 2010 release Gas Mask.

The Left

The Left Feat. Invincible – “Statistics”

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<a href=""> Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't lie. One thing they don't always do is tell the entire story, especially when representing human beings. Numbers also ease the rubber stamp decisions made by policy makers, since a 5% cut is an easier pill to swallow than how that initiative will affect 6,000 people. On "Statistics," Journalist 103 & <a href="">Invincible</a> add some color to the shades of gray, otherwise known as circumstance over <a href="">Apollo Brown's</a> murky organ keys & heavy drum kit.

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