Remember that time in high school when your history or English teacher would instruct the class to “respect everyone’s opinion?” You know, just so when that douche-nozzle in the back of the classroom decided to spew heretical napalm he wouldn’t feel like 25 metal desks would be hurled at his decrepit corner. Or, at the very least, he wouldn’t feel like the class’ Judas the next time he felt like speaking up on the merits of socialistic policies during economic downtimes. Well, this ain’t your U.S. History class. This is The Smoking Section and bologna will be called bologna when need be. So, with that being said, Mr. Khaled, please, step up to the soapbox. What’s on your mind today? To be fair, Ross has his fair share of banger material. Heck, we’ve given him 3.5 Cigs for his last 3 albums here at TSS.