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Best In The State: On Visiting Holsten's, The Site Of The Final 'Sopranos' Scene

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On taking a field trip to Holsten's in New Jersey, Tony Soprano's final resting place.


James Gandolfini on 'Sesame Street'


James Gandolfini adorably talks about feeling scared during an appearance on Sesame Street.

The Sopranos

The Humble, Self-Effacing James Gandolfini: In His Own Words

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James Gandolfini on himself, and his place in the world.

The Sopranos

New Jersey & NYC Newspapers Mourn James Gandolfini On Their Covers

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James Gandolfini is being remembered on the covers of many New York and New Jersey newspapers this morning. Here's a brief collection.


James Gandolfini (1961-2013) Tribute Video


Paying tribute to one of our generation's most beloved actors with some of his finest on-screen moments.

tony soprano

James Gandolfini Has Passed Away

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Actor James Gandolfini, known for his role as Tony Soprano on the classic HBO series The Sopranos, died from an apparent heart attack in Italy today.

The Sopranos

‘The Sopranos’ Is The Best-Written Show Ever, Whatever That Means (And The Morning Links)

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With lines like "OH," how could the WGA not have named "The Sopranos" the best-written show ever?


'Sim City: A Game To Kill For' And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including Frank Miller's Sim City, Zero Dark Knight Thirty, 'Sopranos' as a sitcom, and 'Ghostbusters' meets 'Super Mario Bros.'


The Sopranos: Sitcom Edition


If <a href="">The Sopranos</a> had been a sitcom, the intro would have looked something like this.


SNL: The Sopranos Diaries


Tony and his gang go through the perils of being a normal high school teenager in the 1980s.


Just The Brutal Parts: TV’s 10 Most Violent Deaths

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A collection of the 10 most brutal murders on TV, including selections from "Deadwood," "The Wire," and "Sons of Anarchy."


Welp, That Settles That

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In this month's issue of Vanity Fair, a reader named Larry Grossman wrote in with his interpretation of the final scene of "The Sopranos," in response to the magazine's recent oral history of the show.


HBO's 10 Greatest Musical Moments

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It didn’t take long for the season-three premiere of “Eastbound & Down” to remind us we were watching one of the best shows on TV.

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Which Italian-Americans Should Be Eaten by ‘Jersey Shore Shark Attacks’ Next?

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OH, so I was talking to Tony "The Big Bologna" Carconi here and I sees on the Entertainment Weekly that.


Warming Glow’s Guide to Celebrity Impersonators You Can Hire on the Internet

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That jovial, rednecked fellow you see above is not Larry the Cable Guy; it's an impersonator who "not only looks like Larry the Cable Guy, he has captured the entertainer's voice and mannerisms, as well.


Six TV-Inspired Video Games That Were Nothing Like The Shows That Inspired Them

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Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my life, I spent a good chunk of yesterday browsing through the Wikipedia page for "Home Improvement," Tim Allen's grunt of a series that ran over 200 episodes.


A Brief History of Gambling on TV Shows

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Earlier this week, our briefly departed tyrannical leader, Mr.


Venn Diagram: HBO Explained

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No, the banner image does not explain HBO.


Know Your Voice Actors: Ten Faces to Go With the Voices You Know

By | 62 Comments

Here at Warming Glow, I've made a habit of praising the brilliant voice work in "Archer," particularly the dry, deadpan delivery of H.

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