Here’s ‘The Wire’ Season 4 Mashed Up With Haim’s ‘The Wire’ Because Why The Hell Not?


A spiffy new opening credits for the Fayette Mafia crew featuring an infectious new tune from the three sisters of Haim? OK.

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Who? Her? The Most Forgettable Ann Veals Of 10 Other Television Shows

By | 41 Comments

A collection of barely memorable characters from otherwise memorable series: The Ann Veals of Modern TV.

The Wire

'The Wire' Creator David Simon Is Writing A Musical About The Pogues

By | 4 Comments

David Simon will go from Baltimore to New Orleans to an Ireland pub.


Which HBO Series Will Become A Telltale Game Next?

By | 19 Comments

Telltale Games is apparently doing more than just 'Game of Thrones' for HBO. But what?

The Wire

‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon: ‘My Country Is A Horror Show’

By | 32 Comments

One day we'll finally coax David Simon out of his shell a little.


10 Great TV Seasons That Received Tragically Negative Amazon Reviews

By | 103 Comments

"I highly recommend you do not buy this collection, and I highly recommend you do not ever watch the Simpsons, because it is awful."


On Marlo Stanfield, A Heartless Takeover & The “Price Of The Brick Goin’ Up….”

By | 53 Comments

Season 5 may not have been The Wire's greatest season, but don't blame Marlo Stanfield for that.

The Wire

Sir Ian McKellen Is Out There On The Streets Posing As A Homeless Person

By | 7 Comments

Sir Ian McKellen can add 'homeless' to his resume after several mistook him for a vagrant during a break from rehearsal in Melbourne, Australia.


‘The Wire: Jay Z; Breaking Bad: Nas’ — Phonte’s Rapper/TV Show Comparisons Are Spot On

By | 48 Comments

Phone has been comparing various TV shows to all-time great rappers. It's a very good use of Twitter.


For Debate: Let’s Rank Every Season Of ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Sopranos’ And ‘The Wire’

By | 86 Comments

<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/bb-s5-key-art-590.jpg"></a>Words by <a href="http://www.twitter.com/alecbojalad">Alec Bojalad</a> Breaking Bad just finished the best final season of any classic TV drama ever.


UNDRCRWN’s ‘Hoops On Film Collection’ Is For People Who Love The ’90s

By | 11 Comments

UNDRCRWN had me at "hello" the moment their press e-mail said they were merging basketball, classic hoop film moments and fashion.

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Where The F*ck Is Haim? Huh? They’re In Their Music Video For ‘The Wire’.


Haim's "The Wire" music video has nothing to do with HBO's "The Wire." But it could!


The Most Unexpected, WTF! Did-Not-See-That-Coming Deaths In Modern Television Drama History

By | 123 Comments

A look back at the most shocking deaths in television drama over the last 15 years.


Rehabilitating the Murder Series with FX’s New Show ‘The Bridge’

By | 37 Comments

Words by <a href="http://www.twitter.com/alecbojalad">Alec Bojalad</a> After two-plus seasons of murder mystery disappointment from AMC's The Killing*, other networks have perked up and realized "hey, it shouldn't be too hard to do this better.


Brett Martin Knows How ‘Breaking Bad’ Will End (Or At Least That’s What He Wants You To Think)

By | 9 Comments

With "Difficult Men" Brett Martin has written perhaps the definitive account of the new Golden Age of television. He was nice enough to talk to us recently.


Video: Michael K. Williams Discovers His African Ancestry

By | 18 Comments

Michael K. Williams of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire fame was the latest subject on Okay Africa's incredible "The Roots Of..." series.

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Ten Of Television’s Finest Examples Of Chekhov’s Gun

By | 65 Comments

An investigation of ten of the best uses of Chekhov's gun on television.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 First Trailer Brings It Hard

By | 58 Comments

The season four trailer for 'The Walking Dead' is simply outstanding.

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