Pillow Talk 2K9: The Most Slept-On Hip-Hop Albums Of 2009

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This 2009 Slept-On list covers the gamut of artists in the Hip-Hop realm.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Curren$y – “Elevator Musik” Video

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$pitta is giving you plenty of reasons to put This Ain't No Mixtape back in your rotation.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Curren$y – “16 Switches” Video

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The stoner comes through with a late but still on time video for "16 Switches" off T.A.N.M..

This Ain't No Mixtape

Curren$y – This Is A Mixtape

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This is about as bootleg as that copy of Transformers: ROTF you're trying to convince your family to watch in the living room this holiday weekend but anything that can lead to new supporters of the official album This Ain't No Mixtape, shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt.

This Ain't No Mixtape

“Sail On” – Review Of Curren$y’s This Ain’t No Mixtape

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2009 is an important year for the Hip-Hop music industry as labels are closely watching the success of XXL’s Freshman class to see what marketing techniques work.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Curren$y – This Ain’t No Mixtape

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Time to show $pit Vicious your monetary support.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Notable Quotable – Curren$y’s “Scared Of Monsters”

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"Sweatpants and Bo Jacksons, Listening to Pac 'Teardrops & Closed Caskets' Story got told that was oh so tragic Everyday in the Crescent the same shit happen Nigga get clapped & retaliation follow Homey killed whoadie, Whoadie homies gone kill homey tomorrow Oblivious to it, I ride in my Monte Carlo Penning my rhymes of happiness, not sorrow Though I know shit from sugar, niggas'll push ya That's why when my brother offered me a burner I took it Pray I never have to use it, but I keep it baby Cause it seem the cool niggas getting killed lately And I'll be damned, nevermind, I put it behind DeLorean doing 85, I travel through time That's how I got that old game Leaning on the Azure Momma said 'Nice car' I'm like 'This old thing.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Curren$y – “Star Power”

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Created in between sets @ where else but while he was in Austin.

Young Chris

Video: “This Will Not Be A Mixtape”

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As you wait for the next episode of Mythblazers, here's a noteworthy video clip from Curren$y, putting a release date of the This Ain't No Mixtape (March 31 on Amalgam Digital) and previewing his track with Young Chris.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Curren$y Previews This Ain’t No Mixtape (Part Two)

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Curren$y gives another glimpse into his upcoming This Ain't No Mixtape project.

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