A Rockies Fan Presented Todd Helton With A Painting Of Him As A Centaur


While Mariano Rivera was busy being serenaded by Metallica and cheered and worshiped by millions of people in New York City on Sunday, Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton was driving in four runs to help ease the sting of his team’s 13-9 loss to the San Diego Padres in a duel of two teams just padding stats.


Todd Helton's Arrest Adds Another Classic Photo To Our Athlete Mugshot Archives

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Few things gets us Interweb bloggy types more fired up than when an athlete gets arrested, as it gives us a chance to be indignant, poignant and self-righteous if that athlete hurt another person (or worse) or it allows us to make endless jokes at that athlete’s expense.



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Big League Stew brings us this video of an ad for Colorado Rockies baseball.

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