Trapper's Delight

SL Jones – “Sack Religious” Video + ‘Way Of Life No Hobby’ Tour

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SL Jones has a knack for crafting catchy songs, while still keeping them one-hundred percent street.

Trapper's Delight

SL Jones – “All Love”


Man, if you didn't check for SL Jones' Trappers Delight project, shame on you.

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SL Jones – “Flexin N Finessin” Video

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SL Jones can rap and that's long been established.

Trapper's Delight

SL Jones – “Let’m Talk” Video


SL Jones is a walking definition of the word 'underrated.

Trapper's Delight

Three Questions With SL Jones x “Trapper’s Delight” Mixtape

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SL Jones is a familiar name around these parts for good reason.

Trapper's Delight

SL Jones – “Just Like That”


Where many are taking full advantage of giving Monday the one finger salute, SL Jones keeps punching the clock.

Trapper's Delight

SL Jones – “Let’m Talk”

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I love it when SL Jones has shit to get off his chest.

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